Q+A: Fanny Maria Grant Axén

What kind(s) of music PR do you specialize in? I wouldn’t say any sorts of PR , more the artists need and i make it happen, PR is so much more than anyone understands, its the ground of spotify streams, radio play and performances, Social media so within that the artists income and carrier. What […]

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Musician Q+A: Shootemup

Why did you want to get into music? Because I always liked hip hop and rap since I was a kid I loved music and knew that’s what I wanted to do. What was your first musical experience? My first was watching music videos as a toddler I didn’t even know what that was saying […]

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Author Q+A: Brian Klock

What inspired you on this book? I want to inspire people to take action on their passions and that creating your dream life is possible and can be created a lot quicker than you think. Why did you want to become a writer? I want to add value to the world by telling my story […]

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Acting Q+A: Lilly Dennis

What is your favorite thing about acting? I have been acting ever since I can remember and my favorite part has always been being able to tell the stories of others. Breathing the life into a story that is sitting in a script is the hardest part of the job but also the most rewarding. […]

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Author Q+A: Indigo Bryerly

What inspired you on this book? I was sixteen when the idea came to me and that was thirty years ago! I was in school and bored. I don’t remember the class, but my mind just wandered off. The basis of the story came out of the blue. Over the years, the intricacies of it […]

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Q+A: Radio Host Trey Harrell

NOTE: Radio host Trey Harrell took the Q+A originally based on the author Q+A. What inspired you to become a radio host? Well when I started my practice I was looking for ways to get my name out there and grow the practice. However, it has turned into much more than that. I really enjoy […]

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Author Q+A: Tahir Kashif

What inspired you on this book? I created the character in high school a long time ago. I remember my mind drifting from the class lecture and imagining flying in the sky. I imagined how cool having superpowers would be. Why did you want to become a writer? I wanted to be a writer ever […]

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Actor Q+A: Alessio Mongardi

What is your favorite thing about acting? All the free food on set! Well, I thoroughly enjoy working with people that elevate me. I once worked with a director that gave me the freedom I needed to explore my emotions, simultaneously guiding me and helping me funnel those emotions with a purpose. It was a […]

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Author Q+A: Naomi Johnson

What inspired you on this book? I was inspired to write the poems because an associate like my inspirational spiritual love felt poetry that he told me I should write a book of poetry. I also was inspired to write a book of poems because my former Pastor encourages me to share my gift writing […]

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