Q+A: Fanny Maria Grant Axén

What kind(s) of music PR do you specialize in?

I wouldn’t say any sorts of PR , more the artists need and i make it happen, PR is so much more than anyone understands, its the ground of spotify streams, radio play and performances, Social media so within that the artists income and carrier.

What first attracted you to the music Industry?

My passion to work with talented people and helping them achieve their dreams there’s no better reward in my opinion, also i just absolutely love music and everything around it, the industry is not the best about the music but it’s a part of it that we have to deal with.

What made you want to do it as a profession and not a hobby?

It’s never been anything else for me so i always worked extremely hard to be able to do what i love.

Who are your favorite artists and how have they influenced your work?

Ro James and Mohombi has been my favorites for a long time and i’m lucky to call them both close friends and worked with them both on top of that.

I would say similarities i thought they both deserved so much more credit for the talents they have Mohombi has today over 1 billion views on his youtube videos and is a grammy award winning and has the nr 1 song out today that he wrote and produced Jennifer Lopez – Dinero and mi Gente J balvin and Beyonce but when i started to work with him he didn’t get any credit only his music no one even knew he was from sweden and it was frustrating for him so i got him in a few big tv shows swedish radio and performances and today he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Same with Ro James he’s a grammy nominated singer /songwriter and signed to one of the big A&Rs who behind Biggie Smalls and Usher and Miguel and he for some reason doesn’t get the same credit and Promotion as he deserves , i known him for years and worked with him personally ,so i took it as my mission to change that and today i got him with the best Pr & Branding company in the US.

What is your attitude towards music in our time period?

Not the Best about the business side i believe talent doesn’t get as much chances anymore scenes all is about social media now, you get signed if you got enough followers basically, not in all countries but definitely in sweden where i am from, have no respect for it.

Other countries are better but it’s still not as much respect for talented people as for big influencers, but i do like that especially in the UK they actually give you a chance as long as you got good music , you don’t have to look like the perfect popstar anymore.

What is your advice for people who want to have professional careers as artists?

My best advice is to find who you are as an artist and don’t let anyone change you, people want to be able to relate to you and your story so the background story is a huge part of your brand, know who you market are and don’t try to do what everyone else is doing.

I can’t take away that it’s a way to get signed today to have a huge social media following but to me i dont think a lot of those people really knows what it takes to become a artist with all the hard work behind it , they take the easy way out and as everything that probably won’t give you something long lasting.

Where can we view your work and/artists you have worked with?

If you google my name my whole story is out on a few magazines and I actually got an Article about my story in the Huffington Post thats will be out next week, for the artists You can look up Mohombi, Ro James and Ryan Leslie, to mention a few of the bigger ones, A up and coming exciting one is Swedish Kristofer Greczula that i’m working with right now.


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