Musician Q+A: Shootemup

Why did you want to get into music?

Because I always liked hip hop and rap since I was a kid I loved music and knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What was your first musical experience?

My first was watching music videos as a toddler I didn’t even know what that was saying yet but I liked the beat.

Who are your favorite names in music right now?

Right now Lil baby , Starlito, Young Dolph, Kodak black G Herbo future Young thug.

What was your first concert?

Young jeezy!

How does music make you feel powerful?

Because I can say what I wanna say threw my music ! Nothing can stop me .

What is your next release going to be?

My next release is a video I’m bout to drop called “Famous” I’m dropping that on the 6th ! Then I’m dropping my “Disappointed” mixtape later after that!

What is most significant to you as an artist?

Being real and speaking my mind and being able to say how I feel 24/7 ! I’m just gonna keep everything authentic and me!


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