Author Q+A: Naomi Johnson

What inspired you on this book?

I was inspired to write the poems because an associate like my inspirational spiritual love felt poetry that he told me I should write a book of poetry. I also was inspired to write a book of poems because my former Pastor encourages me to share my gift writing with the other people who have problems to express themselves. My Pastor told me writing poetry is a unique gift that few people are bestowed to have.

I wrote and self-published two poetry book called Soulality: Fruit for your Soul and Soulality: Love Emotions.

Why did you want to become a writer?

Well…truthfully, speaking I did not want to become a writer or published a book. I was more guided to write a book of poems because I saw the positive reaction my writing was giving off from people.

What was the hardest part of creating this book?

The hardest part I have in creating this book it coming up with a title, subtitle, the back-book blurbs and laying out the book.

What do you hope people gain from reading it?

I am hoping people gain knowledge, self-love, spiritual enlighten, vocabulary expansion, mental stimulation, stronger analytical thinking, love for reading, improved focus and concentration. Along with underlying understanding assumptions and ability to connect ideas to one another. My book will show people about life, tranquility, pain, sorrow, teaches a lesson about racism and more.

When you were a kid, what were your favorite books?

My favorite books to read was the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham, Courage George and Sesame Street book.

What is your advice to people who are not excited about reading?

My advice to people who are not excited about reading is to read something that they will enjoy reading about and able to have a pleasant conversation. I suggest people read something that is reliable for their lifestyle. I will encourage non-readers to start with reading something not too long due to their reading interest is too short. Alternatively, Get an audiobook and hard copy book to read along. I also will be advised non-readers to build of their willpower to want to pick up a book to read. A person must build up a thought-provoking behavior to engulf themselves to read a book that will build his or her interested in reading.

Why should we buy your book?

You should buy my poetry book because it is a definite and easy read that will uplift your soul when you are down. Also, my book is affordable, empowerment, educational, good poetry for both gender, child-friendly, have good reading chemistry between my audience and me that they can resonate with me. The people who buy my book will be able to understand my point of view they can relate to, and that will spark off a sense of recognition.


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