Author Q+A: L. Lamont

What inspired you on this book?

I always imagined winning the lottery and I would often itemize how I’d spend the money and what my life might be. So, the more I thought about it, the book came about, and I decided to write it from a single man’s perspective.

Why did you want to become a writer?

Writing was always a love since middle school. I remember writing a script by hand because I didn’t have a word processor or typewriter. I participated in writing competitions, wrote for the college paper and earned a degree in journalism.

What was the hardest part of creating this book?

Writing this book took having perseverance and ingenuity. I didn’t create an outline, I had a premise of what I wanted the main character to experience, but no ending in mind until much later. For my second novel, I’m currently using the same tactic, with some outlining. However, and active imagination and an ability to write is all you need.

What do you hope people gain from reading it?

Being financially free is a wonderful thing, but without an awareness of self and a sense of purpose, one can never truly be free. Love is most important of all.

When you were a kid, what were your favorite books?

I can’t say that I had on favorite book as a kid. I was reading Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew storylines. I loved reading articles in Ebony and Jet magazine. When I grew older, by middle and high school, I was collecting Source Magazine.

What is your advice to people who are not excited about reading?

Reading is an acquired taste but finding topics that interest you can help develop the interest. I love music, so reading about Hip Hop artists in The Source as a kid, stimulated my interest in reading expository text, which led to an interest in journalism.

Why should we buy your book?

If you love stories about people who get their “big break” or fall in love, this has that and more. Ultimately, it’s a book about the importance of being grateful.


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