Model Q+A: Anastasia Belotskaya

How do you get modeling jobs? Are you with an agency or freelance?

I have an agency that handles my bookings, it is absolutely necessary . Having a reputable agent is really what defines modeling as profession.

What made you want to be a model?

I was scouted back in Moscow, Russia, where I was born, by a photographer. He offered me to do a photo shoot and suggested I try myself in modeling. My first ever photoshoot got me exited about the job and I started working, at first part – time, then it became my career.

What is the hardest part about pursuing modeling as a profession?

Hardest part is to stay patient. Before you actually start getting bookings, it’s a long way of attending dozens of castings and long time waiting for pretty much everything: clients to book you, editorials to come out , and also get paid.

What is the most fun?

Fashion weeks are fun. For every designer, a fashion show is a celebration of the new collection, so it is very exiting to share their joy. Waling down the runway is just fun itself . And also some shows also have very cool afterparties;)

How do you respond to people who don’t believe in your goals?

I don’t really respond. Just do what I like and want to do.

What advice do you have for people who want to model?

Go for it, you can do it

What are your career aspirations and where can we find you next?

I have designed my own lingerie line and recently started working with a non profit organization supporting women’s rights  

Some more links on Anastasia!

Anastasia Belotskaya @anastasett by Philippe Regard @philipperegard Hair and Make Up by Dunia Ghabour @duniaghabour

Anastasia Belotskaya @anastasett by Philippe Regard @philipperegard Hair and Make Up by Dunia Ghabour @duniaghabour

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