Actor Q+A: Nicole Vukov

What is your favorite thing about acting?

Definitely the ability to explore all the different sides of myself and being able to transform into a completely different character but still finding myself within that character. I love being in the moment and when a scene or moment works, you just feel it. It’s electric and that is honestly the best part of acting.

What is the hardest part?

The hardest part? Well I don’t think there is a hardest part I think it does get frustrating but that is all part of the process. If you can’t enjoy the process and the struggle than you shouldn’t be acting.

What are your tips for newbie actors?

I don’t think I’m qualified to give tips to newbies because as much as I’ve done I always feel like a newbie and I’m always learning, so all I can say is that no matter the experience you should always view yourself as a student because there is always room to grow.

What skills, training and education do you recommend?

I definitely believe in education so if you have the opportunity to go to school and study acting you should because being able to study such a craft is considered a privilege.

Who are your favorite actors/actresses and what do you learn from watching them?

One of my favorite actors is Johnny Depp. He’s known for creating all these quirky characters and I am always curious about his thought process while creating a character and that’s why I’m fascinated with his work.

What are your upcoming projects and career goals?

In the last year I starred in two off Broadway shows called Conversations with an Average Joe and Three eyes on Pinocchio. Now I’m back starring two new original productions called Highlights & Shadows and The Immigrant Story of a Millennial Dream performing at the renowned The Producer’s Club. Highlights & Shadows is an Original One Act Play about three young Millennial girls. Navigating the ins and outs of what it is to be a girl in this generation. It’s not just a girly story it’s more than that. It explores the themes of mental burden, sex and consequence. It questions the term “It’s fine, I’m fine” and highlights conversations that girls keep behind closed doors. Highlights & Shadows is a lighthearted play with a strong message to the core and wants to open that conversation. The Immigrant Story of a Millennial Dream an Original One-Woman Show tells the story of a young immigrant girl trying to purse her millennial dream. What is a millennial dream you may ask? It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s an homage to the American Dream as the millennial generation tries to define what the American Dream means to them. This story is just one of the many with a twist. “It all started with a key”, she said. I’m exited to announce that I will be starring as the lead in both shows and exited for people to come see it at The Producer’s Club Off-Broadway.

What is something funny that’s happened to you on the job that makes you love acting more?

Oh gosh many things ahaha. I love moments that happened on accident for example me forgetting a line or me knocking something down on stage but being able to stay in the moment and use that to your advantage to create something special is what it’s all about. Honestly those are the things that make me love acting even more.


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