Author Q+A: Roxanne E. Burkey + Charles V. Breakfield

What inspired you on this book?

As the 9th book in The Enigma Book Series we wanted to explore a new angle for the technology plot of this story. Each story has a technology focus, so for this story we decided a fun avenue was the bad guys trying to do combat without any digital footprint. We also wanted to utilize our feet-on-the-street CATS team or Cyber Assassin Technology Services team. It also allowed us to use several locations across the globe which gives it a more interesting dimension.

Why did you want to become writers?

We have each written at one time or another for fun, for work, and now again for fun but always in the technology field. Doing fictional writing, leveraging our professional expertise in technology, our extensive travel, and the variety of people who have crossed our paths, is the venue of choice for us to entertain readers as well as make them think.

What was the hardest part of creating this book?

To be honest the hardest part of this book was to work a very complex data gathering activity without the use of technology. Today, everyone knows how to use a smart phone to text, share pictures, or call, but how would you communicate if you couldn’t use that device? So if you have a bad guy business model how do you communicate without being observed like we are in the digital world? We think we have created several moments in this story where our reader will gasp with surprise and turn the pages faster to see what happens next.

What do you hope people gain from reading it?

The Enigma Dragon is designed to entertain an adult who likes a story that makes them think with relevant use of technology, romance, humor, and some returning characters. To answer your question, the bottom line is story telling enjoyment. Course it wouldn’t hurt if this is their first venture into the series that they would read the others.

When you were a kid, what were your favorite books?

We have both been readers for a long time. Hardy Boys series were always entertaining and provided variety. The Hobbit for fantasy, Call of the Wild for battling with nature, and Jane Eyre for complex characterization just to name a few. When Breakfield lived in Germany for 3 years as a teenager, there was no U.S. television so there was only reading and radio drama’s while his dad was stationed there. One reads a lot in those circumstances.

What is your advice to people who are not excited about reading?

Since we have been readers for all our lives it is odd to find how many people do not enjoy recreational reading. For these folks we are in the process of creating audio versions with The Enigma Factor, The Enigma Rising, and The Enigma Ignite available on Amazon/ACX in the US and UK and The Enigma Wraith in the process of being converted. This kind of goes back to when the Breakfield family would listen to Armed Forces Radio drama’s on Sunday nights. It is actually quite fun hearing our narrator bring the characters and books to life. A different media for a different kind of enjoyment.

Why should we buy your book?

If you like mystery, intrigue, humor, some romance wrapped up with relevant technology from the devices we use today then these stories are engaging, different, and fun. Mostly so you can be taken to a place that is fictional but oh could be so real. What is really gratifying is when people pick up the series and then complain that the next book isn’t ready for them but they have consumed everything else in the series. By the way we are half way done with book #10 so if you are voracious reader, by the time you have chewed through the first 9 books, book 10 should be done. (Uh yeah that did sound like a challenge, but that’s how we are.)


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