Artist Q+A: Pere Ibañez

What kind(s) of art do you specialize in?

I majored in film, and somehow I moved into photography and that’s where I’m most comfortable. I believe my work uses cinematographic language in many ways as is very influenced by films, I also write and paint – badly but I do.

What first attracted you to art?

That would be difficult to say since I’ve been interested in art since I was a little boy, but I can say that it has turned into some sort of therapy. One of the best ways to reflect on life or overcome dark periods such as breakups. In the field I’m working is also a way to connect with others, every time you work with models or collaborate with fellow artists you share the moment and it turns into such an enriching experience. During the production of ‘Syzygy’ my new photo series I had to work constantly with strangers and I had such a great time, met lots of wonderful people.

What made you want to do it as a profession and not a hobby?

Nothing really, it kinda happened. And I feel truly lucky but often find hard adapting to the requirements of monetizing your work: censorship, branding etc. In a way I rather still see it as a hobby and enjoy it that way, despite the fact that at the end of the day you are gonna be capitalizing on it.

Who are your favorite artists and how have they influenced your work?

I would often mention horror icons from the 80s and 90s film industry, but most recently I would like to mention Ren Hang, the early departed Chinese photographer. His works impacted me deeply. I spent much time just going back to those images, trying to pinpoint what it was about them that haunted me. Those portraits were raw, full of emotion, so human. And I realized that ‘human touch’ was missing in much of my work, so I could say that it helped me work my own sensibility.

What is your attitude towards art in our time period?

Well I love the fact that artists nowadays have it much easier to share their works online and arrive to more people rather than only going through the gallery-exhibitions channel. There’s so much talent out there and it’s amazing that you can just enjoy it with the click of a mousse.

What is your advice for people who want to have professional careers as artists?

Hmm, based on recent experiences – that would be to not sell out your soul. The great thing about art is that we do it because we love it, and we should never forget that. Money, success etc is necessary as means to survive, but never forget why you started doing art in the first place.

Where can we view your work and/or buy it?

Well of course on my website: and on December 4th I’m releasing ‘Syzygy’ my new photo-series and book, a collaboration with Chinese NGO CandleX on the subject of Bipolar Disorder. ‘Syzygy’ will be available as eBook on Apple’s iBookstore and print in all major retailers such as Amazon.

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