Author Q+A: Jo M. Sekimonyo

What inspired you on this book?

I started this journey by asking few simple questions. What I run into are perverted answers that made me realized the distribution justice is a simple and at the same time a complex question. This book is frankly born out a frustration that no one wanted to revisit socioeconomic inequalities in term of injustices.

Why did you want to become a writer?

For all of the wrong reasons, raise hell and feel alive. Writing is a way to express inner struggles as well as ideas. There is nothing like the thrill of turning your feelings into words that could possibly change somebody else journey, or break the silence in somebody else mind.

What was the hardest part of creating this book?

Writing is boring. I basically sat and stared at a screen for hours, days, weeks, before typing into a keyboard. There aren’t many variations on that. My contradictions added to my idealism, which amplifies the difficulty in learning new emotions or interpreting facial expressions.

What do you hope people gain from reading it?

In a world of flawless idiocies and imperfect knowledge, arguments which have a certain persuasive façade comes out on top. In the dissection of commerce and trade, there are other ways to tell the story. It wasn’t all about mathematics and cute graphs until recently. I hope that the premise of my rants forces readers to pay greater respect to people who are making valid arguments against profiteers’ “raison de vivre”.

When you were a kid, what were your favorite books?

I shall confess that I was a fan of Tin tin. My naivety did get the fume of racism. The cartoon depicted people like me as primitive to the core, with the stereotyped features that need no describing. It supports the typical colonial belief: non-Europeans never grow into the maturity of adulthood. This paternalistic conception of colonialism I grew up with in the southern hemisphere with the delusion of being part of the northern hemisphere.

What is your advice to people who are not excited about reading?

If you don’t like reading, watch documentaries, then write a book. Inspiration is everywhere. You jump in a public bus and watch people faces, get them to talk.

Why should we buy your book?

To have something else to say in terms of distributive justice for which the prevailing sermons have become standardized. Nowadays, it’s not so much between the right-wing and the left-wing economists. Even in the part of the world where Capitalism doctrine is not very understood nor deeply theorized, it’s very widely and, I would argue, very successfully applied. Chants against injustices have become spoken word fumbling acts. Utopian ideals persist in the collective consciousness despite the absence of a robust intellectual foundation because people feel deep in their gut the paradigm shift. I don’t just grumble and gesticulate my frustrations about this. I am a merchant of ideas, and my greatest one yet is the solution to the archaic and barbaric capitalism structure. I call it ethosism.


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