Model Q+A: Rina Kelly

How do you get modeling jobs? Are you with an agency or freelance?

I was actually asked! And you never would believe Where the agent found me… in the line at McDonalds Hah. the mcflurry tastes extra good that day. Haha

I was for a short time Linked to a agency in Oslo Norway. Then I started to be contact by various designers!! Like malene birger, DAY et, moods And fam are some of them!! Most of them are danish designers

What made you want to be a model?

 I never thought I would be one! At the Beginning I saw it like a new challenge in life, like.. guess I didn’t take it too seriously but shortly I turned to a more dedicated person.
And the fairytale started

What is the hardest part about pursuing modeling as a profession?

lack of sleep and sometimes painful feet!

What is the most fun?

designers sending me clothes as gift, after the show hehe. Also you meeting new peoples, I traveled a lot and have lots of nice memories

How do you respond to people who don’t believe in your goals?

Well.. in my case, people believed more in me than I did at the beginning.

What advice do you have for people who want to model?

Just go for it!! It’s various type of model works!! Try to figure out what kind of model you are. And follow your heart.

What are your career aspirations and where can we find you next?

I am retired! I moved to Mexico 2 months ago. and been already asked by L’Oréal Paris Mexico. But I focusing now on my music and career as actress. So my model fairy tale has reach the sweet end.


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