Artist Q+A: Mark Humes

What kind of art do you specialize in?

I specialize in Digital abstract art.

What first attracted you to art?

The ability to express my thoughts with out words.

What made you want to do it as a profession and not a hobby?

To me, it was a necessity. After becoming disabled from my Military service, I knew a life of retirement was not for me and art, especially digital art was something I could pursue no matter what disadvantages I faced.

Who are your favorite artists and how have they influenced your work?

Well, these are two very different questions to me. My favorite artists are Van Gogh and H.R. Giger, but I can’t claim any influences in my artwork with the one exception being I try to make my work just as expressive as theirs.

What is your attitude towards art in our time period?

I feel it is changing with technology. New mediums such as digital art and 3d printing are changing the game as well as the fall of the gatekeepers. In today’s world artists are not dependent on the art complex to be known. A Simple web posted video can have an artist work being seen by thousands in a day where an old brick and mortar gallery would be hard pressed to get a quarter of that kind of foot traffic in a month. I feel we could be approaching digital golden age.

What is your advice for people who want to have professional careers as artists?

You have to love what you are doing and realize being an artist means you are in business so do your research and make a business plan it will help you greatly on your way.

Where can we view your work and/or buy it?

Viewing my art is as simple as a Google image search For Mark Humes Art, but all of my artwork can be viewed and purchased at Mark Humes Gallery.

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