Music Q+A: Melvin Fromm Jr.

Why did you want to get into music?

Well I was writing a letter to my then girlfriend (now my wife) on my feelings for her and when I was done the letter I thought wow this sounds like a song and I wrote my first song called “What I Feel.”

What was your first musical experience?

Well growing up mom had the radio on pop stations and dad had country stations on so as a boy my ears were filled with music.

Who are your favorite names in music right now?

Well I listen to Lakewood Church singers because Joel Osteen always focus on good in life with God and I always soak it up in my daily life.

What was your first concert?

Joel Osteen “A Night Of Hope” a real rock concert feel and I was a late bloomer getting to concerts.

How does music make you feel powerful?

I am able to put together a composed song from my feelings and thoughts and know others can hear and share it around the world.

What is your next release going to be?

I am working in the studio on a lot of new composed music because I am working with a music company the is doing background environmental music for major chains of hotel, food & beverage, retail outlets, workplaces, and much more around the world.

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What is most significant to you as an artist?

How my music is touching people in some way in thier daily life to maybe bring a smile, feel relaxed, or remember someting really special in thier life.


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