Actress Q+A: Chelsea Ingram

What is your favorite thing about acting?

Being free. When I am completely involved in character I lose myself. It’s a massive high for me. Recently when I was working on feature film ‘Tommy battles the silver sea dragon’, – my character was completed wasted and embarrassing herself – it was so fun just being a mess and finding the depth in her character under the influence.

What is the hardest part?

I love the art form but admittedly I have always struggled with publicity – I am quite shy… so sometimes just being myself and answering so many questions in front of the character is difficult. When Zefereli’s music video Once in awhile debuted on Australian TV show RAGE – I had so many young girls stopping me on the street, it was so humbling but also I like my private space and I didn’t know how to just be me and also how to be a strong female ambassador for these young girls. I worked it out in the end but at first it was pretty daunting.

What are your tips for newbie actors?

Be strong, refine your craft and always believe in who you are as a performer.

What skills, training and education do you recommend?

I studied at the Lee Strasberg and Theatre institute and I was vocally trained for 5 years. I believe our bodies and voices are our instrument so we must continually be strengthening our craft and with that is training and studies – in whatever school, course or way you decide that suits you.

Who are your favorite actors/actresses and what do you learn from watching them?

Bjork. Watch ‘Dancer in the dark’ and you will understand why.

What are your upcoming projects and career goals?

I have signed onto numerous projects with Internationally recognized companies Tweed Dreams and ELO Films. I am also a leading actress in NYC theatre company Primitive Grace. I have recently wrapped feature film ‘Tommy battles the silver sea dragon’ , web series ‘The loft’ and just last year I won Best Actress in the Western Sydney film Festival which was a huge honor.

What is something funny that’s happened to you on the job that makes you love acting more?

Meeting the most creative, interesting and inspiring people each and every day.



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