Music Q+A: Rahn Anthoni

Why did you want to get into music?

I wanted to get into music because it gives me peace with in me. Music helps me to get away from issues we go through in life. Music helps me to help others with the lyrics I write for the music. Music is me and I get this from my family.


What was your first musical experience?

When I was a lil boy I started singing in the car with my dad at the age of 3. I never knew I was a singer, but I realize at that age it was something I like to do. I was actually 3 and I remember.

Who are your favorite names in music right now?

Mary J. Blige

What was your first concert?

My first concert was in Miami (Power 96 Music Conference) South Beach.

How does music make you feel powerful?

The energy in the melody makes me feel empowered as I’m able to change someones life for the better. That’s Power!

What is your next release going to be?

Not sure because winning the Indie Music Channel Awards has made me able to get more interviews to bring awareness.

What is most significant to you as an artist?

Being an advocate and a artist is the most remarkable thing I’ve every done.


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