Musician Q+A: Syreeta Thompson

Why did you want to get into music?

I decided to go into music because it was a natural avenue for me being that my dad was a musician.

What was your first musical experience?

My first musical experience was being able to sit in with the legendary trumpeter Freddie Hubbard at one of his concerts in St. Louis.

Who are your favorite names in music right now?

I absolutely love Mary J. Blidge, Alecia Keys, Snarky Puppy, The Clark Sisters, Hezekiah Walker, Jonathon McReynolds,

Where was the first Syreeta Thompson concert held?

My first concert was held at NYU.

How does music and the trumpet make you feel powerful?

Performing music is my passion. I love being able to move people by expressing the emotion in the music.

You’re releasing a new CD in September. Can you tell us more 
about it?

Yes, Evolution of a Winner is my story of how I’m developing as a Artist. Being a young lady who grew up in the arts in the city of Chicago and overcoming various obstacles.

What is most significant to you as an artist and musician?

I’m always inspired when I get chance to inspire youngsters and
little girls who approach me.


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