How to Keep Yo-Yo Dieting Weight Off for Good, As Told by a Weight Loss Expert!

The battle of the bulge sticks around because we aren’t outsmarting it, according to Yvonne Wake, a registered UK nutritionist and fitness expert. She disclosed a few of her secrets when training clients with past yo-yo dieting failures and gives us a personal peek into what goes on in a successful weight loss process…


First, denial is normal. Especially after a big holiday.

“They are totally in denial,” Wake declares of her clients, “about how much they need to lose and HATE getting on the weighing scales in my office. The scales don’t lie, so once they have seen the number, they gulp and sometimes cry and sometimes lie(!) about how they got to that point.”

Therefore, don’t freak out over the numbers on the scale. OK, you will..again and again and again. It’s normal!

But only you are responsible for your weight gain.

However, she stresses how you shouldn’t go about blaming your yo-yoing on everything from your past breakup to your new puppy.

“People always want to blame the weight increase on stress, boyfriends, other people, work load, but sadly, never on the fact that  they have been putting the weight on slowly over years and have not exercised.”

You got here by not exercising!

“The majority of my clients do not exercise, nor do they like it, nor do they want to,” she says, “and that, basically, is the biggest reality check that they face.”

Part of the blame is on modern technology, whereas we would be lured outside decades ago.

“We live in a sedentary world, where most people will watch four hours of TV every evening after spending a day at the office sitting down,” according to Wake. “They are tired, overworked, and the last thing they want to do is come home from work and exercise. I know this, I get this, and most of my clients are glad that I understand them.”

Whether on your own or working with a professional, always sign a weight loss contract with yourself.

Wake makes her clients sign what calls a “commitment promise,” or a self contract. “No ifs, ands or buts. It’s written and that is where the change really all begins,” she says.

“The best way to start them off is by motivating them to increase their physical output, and every Sunday at 10 am, my clients (who have signed a commitment promise) will turn up at the park gates of Sheen Gate in Richmond Park in London, and we walk the 7.5 mile long circuit. That’s the deal!”

If it helps, work alone with a personal trainer and/or nutritionist.

You won’t always find what you need in a gym – says the woman who once owned a gym in the 80’s!

“Moat often, clients come to see me because…it’s gotten so bad that they need the private one to one service that doesn’t include crowds of people who are generally in slimming clubs,” says Wake.

Of course, always check up on your professional’s credentials and previous success rate.

Significant weight loss isn’t always seen the first week, so don’t quit early!

“The programme is for six weeks, and after week 3, there is a visible loss of weight and the number on the scales is greatly reduced,” she says.

Her big trick: working out needs friendship to sustain results.

“Each week, we walk and talk for at least two and a half hours as we trudge around the park. They tell me secrets and stories, and I tell them mine. We become friends and companions and discuss all the reasons why they feel they have gained all this weight.”

“The diet sheets that they receive are customised to their lifestyle as it relates to work, home, finances, likes and dislikes. They see me once a week for a pep talk and a weigh in. At the end of the six week programme, they are thinner, more sure of what they can achieve in life, their skin has improved, their confidence is boosted to a great height and they are in the palm of my hand going forward. I rarely fail at this for them because I am passionate about seeing the results too. Its all about Balance, Behaviour Change and getting Back to Basics. Its The B!


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