How To Approach Beautiful Women Or Hot Men: The Best Pickup Lines Ever in Existence

“But, but, but! I haven’t gotten a woman’s attention! How can I worry about the date when women barely talk to me?!”

Yes, sir. Mr. Check Their Fridge himself, John Stonehill, has advice for you.

And the best pickup lines are…envelope, please.

#1 Your name.

“When I used to approach girls I’d never met, I’d simply say, ‘Hi, I’m John.’ And it worked every time.  Not that we ended up dating every time or going home together every time, but that it got a conversation started every time.  And that’s all you want, to start.”

#2 A simple question.

For someone you met previously or just met today, ask a simple question inviting him/her out.

“When it comes to complementing a girl or guy you just met to ask out, again, I’d advise simple.  Nothing cheesy, and nothing that shows more adoration than you should after one conversation.  For example: ‘It was really fun meeting you. Would you like to grab a drink sometime?'”

#3 Anything not saying what it is.

You don’t have to call it a “date.”

“In addition to simple, you also want to keep it conversational and not put yourself out there too much.  What I mean is, you should never spell it out and say ‘Do you want to go on a date with me?’ as the days of Archie, Betty and Veronica are over.”

#4 Any compliment about his/her inner qualities or accomplishments.

Don’t tell someone how handsome or pretty they are.

“I’d also advise to never say a complement like ‘You’re really pretty,’ or, ‘You’re really handsome.’  Save that for after you kiss them.  For a first date, there’s no upside to telling them how attractive you think they are.  It’s assumed you find them attractive or you wouldn’t ask them out in the first place.”


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