Before You Turn to Xanax for Anxiety, Consider This Shocking But Easy Alternative!

Everyone suffers from anxiety during our lives. You could have mild stage fright, deal with a family member’s loss or anything. But know from the beginning that we shouldn’t always resort to prescription medications.

“First things first: medications for anxiety don’t work except if a person is in extreme anxiety and you need a short term gap measure to calm then down,” says Melbourne therapist Rodney Inns.

Now, the way that all drugs work with anxiety, depression, etc. is they mask the physical symptoms of the emotion like anxiety. That is all. For example, if you have pain after say cutting yourself and you take a pain kille,r what happens to the pain? It is masked. When the pain killer wears off, the pain returns. Effectively, the pain never went anywhere. The pain killer interfered with the brain’s ability to receive communication of the pain when it wore off the pain signals started to get through to the brain again.”

No thanks. Who wants to hide a problem with another problem? He says instead, we should seek therapy, not drugs.

Anxiety often contains more than anxiety.

“As to the biggest problem with stopping people having anxiety, well, there are none as far as I am concerned. I usually remove all anxiety in my clients within one session maybe at the outside two sessions, but usually in the second session, we discover that at least 60 percent. of the anxiety is gone.”

“People who have anxiety will also usually have a range of other emotional problems like anger, guilt, sadness, depression, helplessness, etc., as well as the anxiety, so I identify all of them because they need to be removed as well,” Inns says of what goes on in therapy.

“There are many types of anxiety problems: phobias, generalised anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Specific Phobia.”

How is anxiety created?

“People create the anxiety in the way that they think in their mind at a subconscious level. We only think in one of two ways. We create pictures and we talk to ourselves, and we can combine the two to produce emotions. Now, each of these thought patterns has modalities for example pictures can be either large or small, near or far, bright or dim, black and white or colour, 3D or flat.”

“Talking to self can have different modalities, loud or soft, near or far, what direction does it come from, how does it sound happy, sad, angry, anxious, etc.  These thoughts can also change depending on the circumstances. Also, if you get a person to change the voices in their head or pictures it will change the way they feel.”

We need to brainwash ourselves into happiness!

“All emotions are stored in your body and anchored to your memories, so if you go back to the good memories, you feel good. If you go back to the bad ones, you feel bad. So by removing the emotions from your body, you can then go back to your bad memories and you know how you used to feel, but you just cannot get the feeling back,” he says.

“Through doing this, we can remove all the anxiety and the thoughts on how the individual used to create it, so they are more relaxed and happy in their life and cannot get anxious like they used to.”


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