The Importance of Fact Checking for Bloggers

We see reporters get temporarily dismissed and/or fired over little to no fact checking. And it’s pretty easy to slack off when running your own blog, whether for yourself or a small business. What’s more, you could be setting yourself up for a libel lawsuit if you aren’t watching yourself.

Stephanie Ciccarelli, co-founder of, offers up this advice on how not to make a fool of yourself.

“When writing about breaking news or sharing an obscure fact, be sure to find at least three trustworthy sources that can verify statements made in your article prior to publishing.”

Meaning one person saying it doesn’t mean it happened. A second source could simply be repeating what the first source says. But, a third source, hopefully independent of the first two, confirms it really happened – or at least, the rumour exists.

The lesson? Don’t succomb to repeating things because you read them on a gossip site, like Radar Online. Find out for yourself from a few places first. Remember, a major company can handle five to six digit legal fees and you cannot. Be careful!


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