When Everything Else Backfires – Self Reliance Inspires

A guest post by Keli Lenfield

In the words of Marie Forleo, “I am no stranger to the frustration that comes when you cannot seem to get your potential to match your performance”. Self-reliance can be anything you want it to be. It is defined as relying on one’s own powers, resources, abilities and decisions. But it can also be courage; the nonchalance of somebody close to you dying and you do not know how to face life another day without them, or, it can be creation and development enabling us to defy odds and become better people than we thought possible. Other times we stay trapped under a fog of frustration that looks like it will never lift, unable to reach our full potential, forcing us into a mental, emotional and spiritual jail by our own consciousness.

It’s all about personal virtues and believing that you can do the unimaginable.

Self-reliance leads to accomplishment.

How to be self-reliant:

These few steps will ensure you a first class ticket to self-reliance town.

 Make your own decisions by being assertive and mostly consider things that will impact your life

positively.Be your own cheerleader. Self- reliance leads to independence.

– Assume responsibility by making yourself accountable for things you do.

– Maintain your health by understanding that we only have one life to live and live it to the fullest.

– Try living off the grid for a while by cutting off all of the unnecessary expenses.

In today’s world, understanding ourselves has been made easier by self reliance pioneers like Ralph Waldo EmersonHenry FordSteve JobsOprah Winfrey and Marie Forleo together with their self-help books and renowned personal development training. True to nature they advocate that self-reliance brings freedom. It’s feeling good about our lives and the decisions we make regardless if it was right or wrong because we will be able to learn from all the consequences which brings up another interesting point of discussion…Should parents learn how to raise their children in an independent way? Parents who give, give, give to their children think they are doing the right thing but in real sense they are denying them the joy of developing their own self esteem and boundaries for themselves and others. Self reliance can also be categorized as the ‘power of saying no’ to things that you initially may want but know they would impact your life negatively. Even saying “hell no” to that boyfriend who once abused you. It’s the ability to distinguish between good and bad. It leads to understanding your self- worth and having self respect.

Generally, it is just the self satisfaction of knowing that we live and we learn. It is receptivity and reciprocity for and by other people despite our short comings. Those voices that we hear in our solitude that tell us “we can’t” can be shunned to emotional and spiritual damnation because we delight in absolving ourselves to the world and having the suffrage of the world. We should always remember that to be great is to be misunderstood and try to emulate all the pioneers like Copernicus, Luther and Newton who were all self-reliant. So use all that is called “fortune”. Most men have gambled with “her” and lost all. Who knows? You may be the first of them to gain all.

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