Would YOU Pay $400 (£268/$551 AUD) To Dine At the Olive Garden?

The ball is set to drop on New Year’s Eve once again in New York City. As 2015 becomes 2016, your view won’t come cheap. The New York Post reports that the Times Square location of the famed American franchise – which has international locations in Canada, El Salvador, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and the United Arab Emirates – will be a costly $400 USD. Next door,

From the Post:

The Olive Garden fest includes a DJ, open bar and buffet meal — but no breadsticks, a staple of the “You’re Family” eatery.

The vantage point is better at Bubba Gump Shrimp on Broadway, which charges among the highest fees on New Year’s Eve — $799 a person. Revelers at Ruby Tuesday — where tickets range from $349 a head to $1,699 for the “Couple’s VIP Table” — won’t see the ball at all from inside the restaurant.

Don’t leave your toothbrush at home, travellers. You’ll need to have brushed out the garlic breath when the protocol NYE kiss cam goes on.


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