Will Goldfarb adds New York pastries with a touch of Indonesia to Bali

Will Goldfarb, formerly of NYC’s Room 4 Dessert, has since picked up where he left off with desserts in Bali. At Ku De Ta, one can enjoy his astonishing creations after eyeing the boutique…


It’s really exciting to work in Indonesia! How have you been inspired by the local desserts when venturing out…incorporating that into your work at> the restaurant?

I love the local desserts – they really inspire me to create delicious treats using local ingredients and respecting ancient traditions.

Since moving for work, where in Asia have you visited and also gotten overwhelmed and happy at once from trying new things?

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand – every trip to Thailand makes me hunger for more and more deliciousness…Recently, Tokyo opened my eyes regarding the elegance of subtle service.

Will you ever use ginger or other local ingredients in your desserts? Besides coconut, which I saw you do!

Of course – all of our desserts are built around local ingredients -Palm sugar, cocoa paste, coffee, vanilla, rosella (hibiscus), nutmeg, clove, black rice, mung beans, young coconuts, old coconuts, kemangi (lemon basil), semanggi (clover), kluwak, lime leaf, lemongrass, cashews, peanuts, mangosteens…

Some of your great recipes, like the key lime pie, aren’t on the menu. Do> you ever do special nights where you cook European or American inspired fare?

It’s true that I try to create new favorites – items like Chocobubbles or White Chocolate Margarita, will always have a home. Also, Room 4 Dessert devotees will find a Baba eerily similar (orinspired by) the Plat Du Jour with Nutella…

How do you work on presentation so something like a sponge cake isn’t just a cake but a special memory?

That is a good question.  I think about it a lot and try to make a simple plating that – for example – demonstrates distance physically and therefore represents it emotionally.

If someone were to go visit your restaurant for work, what dessert would you recommend to please the boss?

If only one – The Sugar Refinery. Otherwise, they should try everything.


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