Start up or Surrender

A guest post by Keli Lenfield

The screaming could be heard through the entire hallway. Explicit profanities were immediately followed by screams and deep breathing grunts and groans. She was not the first woman to suffer this way, nor would she be the last. In fact, she was one of millions of women through time who had been subjected to the pleasure and pain principles, yet when it was all over, in her mind she was the only one who had done it.

It was a boy and he was beautiful.

Whether you have given birth to a child or to a business, this piece and in particular the differentiation that is apparent between you and all of the other women who have started or surrendered is what I will be writing about over the coming months.

What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Would you agree that to be a female entrepreneur takes courage, passion, boldness, drive, determination, the ability to network and juggle? Welcome to parenthood! The notion of having it all has been done to death and if you are considering starting up, then let me tell you that you can have it all – you just have to determine what “it all” means to you and thus, the point of differentiation begins and as a side note, in the beginning you will sway between the excitement of start up and the brief relief of surrender.

As female entrepreneurs we have the power to expand, negotiate and build incredible relationships, that’s what we naturally do. What we also tend to do is compare ourselves to each other. As a collaborator, author, workshop facilitator, course developer, trainer and yes, single mother, I have had my fair share of comparison roundabouts. The realization that I had spent more than twenty years in the most competitive industry on the planet, brought forth the seven core skills that help you differentiate yourself both online and in person on a global scale.

The best part of these skills is they can be adapted to your own unique style, personality and cause. The female entrepreneur attitude is one of “conflictive” resolution. We have to consider time, family, our energy levels, neglect, setbacks, interruptions and continuously refer back to our “why”. That burning desire is what keeps me up at night working away on my dreams, gets me out of bed the next morning and allows me to create, manifest, expect and gratefully accept.

You have an amazing talent and passion that is unique to you. The world does need what you have to offer and you owe it to yourself to use every wonderfully unique part of you to stand out, create and be noticed. It’s your legacy and what you were born to do.

The seven skills I will be giving to you are presented in three parts – your goals, your personal branding and your delivery. Imagine being in a room of 250 other women who all look like you. Now imagine that your qualifications and experience don’t matter and you are not expected to talk. How do you compete? What do you do to differentiate yourself from the first moment you enter that room to build rapport and get the business?

The seven core skills will help you to not only compete, but raise the bar about who you are, what you represent and why you are the person to work with.

For the full story have a look at my book Everyone is a Supermodel and keep an eye out for my next article “Impressions of the First Kind”, so until then Be the Difference to make a Difference.


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