Max Hardy succeeds at food AND business

Max Hardy has cooked for hip hop performers and royals. He didn’t enter our TV sets until he appeared on Food Network’s Chopped…and he’s here to stay.


How do you work around clients where one person is dieting and another isn’t, but they both want to enjoy a romantic dinner?

You give them both a balanced meal that speaks to both the one trying to be healthy and the other who isn’t so health conscious about it. But in this day in age, I try to make meals that accommodate both healthy and flavorful without making it known. That is one of the things I do as a chef is to create great recipes without letting the client it’s so health conscious.

What have you learned about cooking for men who are either pro athletes or may be in corporate jobs but want to have similar physiques? Do you have to estimate protein grams and calories?

No, pro athletes eat twice the amount of calories, protein, carbs, etc and the average amount of fiber, so someone should focus on having a well balanced diet but train as if they were a pro athlete.

You’re skilled in different cuisines. But what are some popularly requested traditional dishes you learned from your family?

A grilled Conch is one of my favorites. From my Bahamian roots, I love highlighted and creating dishes many can appreciate and love and tend request more.

What was your fav dish as a kid ? How did you adapt it for an adult-approved version in your work?

As a kid, I loved Lasagna. Now, I understand the best way to prep lasagna is to prepare it the night because it always taste better the second.

With your clothing line, how are you making work attire fashionable? Do you have women’s clothing too?

We offer, a real personalized service and we’ve designed a cutting edge jacket that has a European contour. We noticed that whenever you go to different events, every chef looked the same. So we designed something that looked good both in the kitchen and when you go hang out after work. I used to wear a tie under my jacket but with the jackets we are creating, you no longer have to do that. Woman’s clothing is definitely available, we’ve given them more of a feminine touch making it more fun to wear with an innerlinging that stands out.

Please tell us about your charity and what it does.

One Chef Can 86 hunger desires to end world hunger. We are striving to feed kids around the world, not only by actually cooking for them, but showing them how to cook for themselves and others if need be. We give them nutritional recipes showing them how to stay healthy.


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