J Fly, Drummer Extraordinaire, brings dreams to life through music.

Guest Post by Madam CJ

Jorel “JFly” Flynn successes are blessings from his passion for mastering the drums and impacting the lives of young music students as a Humanitarian and Recording Academy Member. He has worked with Andre 3000 of Outkast, Aretha Franklin,Bobby Brown, Jennifer Holiday to name a few.


How long have you been a Grammy member and on the Board of Governors?

I’ve been a Grammy member for 3 years and a Governor on the Board for 1 year.

 When did you start playing drums?

I started playing drums when I was a kid between the ages of 3 and 5.

 When did you realize you had talent?

I don’t know if I would call it realizing my talent, since talent is something that is discovered by someone other than yourself. I would say it would be more like finding my destiny, which was when I went on my first major tour with Kelly Price.

You are big on helping the youth. I’d love for you to talk how about your “How Big Is Your Dream” Foundation?

The How Big Is Your Dream Foundation is really another one of those destiny paths that I pursued. Speaking on this subject can be very lengthy for me. The How Big Is Your Dream Foundation is a resource for dreamers to connect their dreams to reality. What we do is align ourselves with youth and young adults that need access points in fulfilling their dreams which involve mentoring, awareness, and techniques to maintaining a sustainable career.JFLY 2

 You are a family man, how do you balance work in the entertainment field and home?

I really don’t have a method or technique for this subject. I give attention where attention is needed ,but all of it is a priority to me. Scheduling and prioritizing is important, so that nothing goes lacking.

 You just worked with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, on her new album, “The Great Diva Classics”. Was that a dream come true? How was it to work with the Queen of Soul?

Actually, my entire musical career is a dream come true. I was called in by Andre 3000, he produced that particular track, which was written by Prince for Aretha Franklin. It was just an honor for me to be playing drums with all of these musical icons involved on this one track.

J Fly Music & Tri Camp Summer 2013


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