Josh Mitchell Swaps Lives: That Is, PR For Film

Josh Mitchell has been a lot like his own character with a life swap of sorts, going from PR to his making his own film, Lack of Cockery…and it seems to be working out (having kept the PR job too). Without the other characters’ wacky-ness, of course.


My dad only watches movies with actors he is familiar with. Your film has basically only new actors. How would you convince someone like my dad to give your film a chance?

I bet your dad has seen the movie Taxi Driver and I would reference the appearance of an unknown actress named Jodi Foster. I would tell him that you never know when you might discover an indie film darling. It happened for me with Jennifer Lawrence in the festival hit film Winter’s Bone. Finally I would emphasize the original story and organic interaction of the characters. This isn’t a regurgitated Hollywood remake. This is a fresh and one-of-a-kind piece that features fun new music and undiscovered talent. 

Since you describe your work as “dialogue heavy,” do you stick with the script or prefer that the actors alter the dialogue as they speak?

This film could have been a stage play in terms of the huge chunks of monologues between the three main characters. The actors were very prepared, and for this project, it was best that we adhered strictly to the script. I tweaked some of the language here and there and added a few nuances but, for the most part, it made the most sense to religiously follow the material.

Is a life swap always a good idea (if it were a real thing)?

It is a real thing. You can Google a plethora of people who have taken the plunge. I think it could make sense creatively, in terms of spicing up your living arrangements in an effort to generate inventive new content. However, I think things get a bit murky when you throw people into the mix.

Did you come up with the idea because at some point, as we all have done, you wondered what it was like being someone else?

I mainly wondered what it would be like to be an extremely funded individual with creative aspirations. I thought about Paris Hilton recording an album. I thought about Puff Daddy releasing a fashion line. I have a huge slate of projects I am working to push into production and my biggest problem is always finding the money to bring them to fruition. I also witness a large pool of aspiring actors who arrive in Hollywood with next to nothing and are forced to hustle non-stop for paying gigs and unique opportunities. The combination of all that spawned the nugget of the story.

Without saying too much, how does the plot thicken once we get past the character’s initial shock of his new life?

I’ll just say that once he gets settled in there is a mysterious guest who appears and things are not what they appear to be. My goal with the project is for audience members to look internally and ask themselves – how far would I go to make it?

Thousands of years ago, you were an entertainment publicist. What is your best advice for anyone needing to do his or her own PR and not finding results yet?

I’m still the best indie publicist in Hollywood so my short answer would be – hire me. I tell all my clients that good things come to those who initiate not wait. All of the successful endeavors that have happened for me was because I didn’t wait for a knock on my door. I knocked doors down. No one is going to serve you your goals on a silver platter. You have to go out there and achieve them.


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