Food Network Star’s Doreen Fang Insists No Ants Were Harmed In The Making of Mexican Coca-Cola

I tried to convince her. Truthfully. But she doubts the existence of Mexican ants in Mexican Coca-Cola, or any soda for that matter. Sigh. We may have our differences in food and ideas, but one thing is certain, and that is…in her time since starring on America’s fav TV reality competition, The Next Food Network Star, the beautiful Miss Doreen Fang is going to command a lot of attention with her career goals, products and further celebrity chef aspirations. Get ready for her.



When you were asked about Food Network Star elimination night, you said, “I think the judges were looking more for an Asian chef, but I’m about embracing a variety of cuisines.” But I view this differently. How are you a positive role model for Asian-American teens/young women who don’t see themselves on TV, and I suppose, in all of your work you do?

I do my best every day to do the right thing, to be compassionate, caring and mindful of others. By taking pride in myself, always putting my best foot forward and having a strong work ethic, I always want to excel at anything and everything that I do.  Whether it’s in my work life or on television.

Growing up in an Asian-American family, there is always that pressure of becoming some type of professional, whether it’s becoming a doctor, lawyer or some position that is highly respected in society.  I wanted to become a surgeon and have and still love medicine, but my passion for food took me on another journey in my life.  My ultimate passion would be to do more philanthropic work to help others who are in need of a variety of things.  My life’s purpose is to make a positive impact on the lives that I am able to touch and my hope is that those individuals will pay it forward and do the same for someone else one day.

The weird thing is, people never remember who wins the big contests like Miss USA, American Idol and others, but they remember the “losers” who’ve accomplished a whole lot more after the contest is done. Seriously, we not only know of her, we adore Halle Berry. Apart from pageant fanatics, none of us know who won Miss USA 1986, right? I know you’re working on a book and restaurant. What else are you planning to do in life that is fairly awesome?

Haha…I wish I was having this interview with you in person.  Yes…Halle Berry is completely adored and no, I didn’t know she was even in Miss USA or who won the Miss USA 1986!  Funny how things have changed over time.

What else am I planning on doing in life that is fairly awesome? Well, I am currently working on some delicious products which I would like to sell, but the best part about this is what I would like to do with a portion of the proceeds.  My sisters and I started a foundation, The Bonnie AC Lee Fang Foundation (BACLFF), 13 years ago in honor of our mom who passed away from lung cancer, but instead of another cancer foundation, we decided to create a nursing scholarship to honor our mom’s legacy.  It is my goal to sell this particular product and have a portion of the proceeds go towards the foundation so that we can continue awarding more recipients who are touching the lives of so many patients.

What’s even more awesome is that I have a variety of items that I would like to make and sell, and donate a portion of those proceeds to a variety of non-profit organizations that speak to my heart.  This is a work in progress and will take some time, but as I said before, I would like to do much more philanthropic work in my future.

I also had an amazing opportunity to create recipes for the new MSN page online.  When you go to their webpage and check out the Food & Drink section you can search for my name and I have 100 recipes on their site so far.  Funny enough, many of them are simple Chinese/Asian inspired comfort food dishes that remind me so much of my mom.  Quick, simple and easy to make.

Asian food hardly uses any cheese, and it was unheard of in Japan for ages, but you are in love with cheese. What traditional Asian dishes taste good with cheese?

Honestly, I do not mix cheese in any of my traditional Asian dishes.  I enjoy my cheeses either alone, with a charcuterie platter or in the typical cuisines that utilize cheese.

What are your favorite pot sticker flavors to cook?

Hmmm…my favorite pot sticker flavors, I have so many!  I love pork, beef and cabbage, chicken and cabbage, vegetarian, and fish with garlic chives.

How about your favorite ice cream shops and brands worldwide?

Oh…you hit my sweet spot.  I recently got turned onto McConnell’s ice cream!  So amazing!  One of my favorite ice cream shops to visit is Fosselman’s in Alhambra, CA.  It’s just a family run shop and I just love that small town, family run business feel.  It makes me happy to go in, order my favorite flavors, or have a sundae and just sit down, relax and enjoy it.  Recently I’ve been eating a lot of Blue Bell ice cream, my favorite flavor is their pistachio almond.  Häagen Daz is always one of my top favorite ice creams too, their coffee ice cream is so smooth, rich and creamy and the flavor is just perfect for me.

I love all kinds of tofu, down to the fungus one sold at Asian supermarkets. Why do you think it’s so stinky? If anything, non-fungus, normal tofu is scent-less to me. You really, really must dump lots of seasoning for absorption. 🙂 How can I convince you to eat my precious tofu? It really does taste good when seasoned properly. You’d love a good Hawaiian style tofu!

You are hard core!  Stinky tofu is definitely NOT on my list of favorite things to eat.  It’s stinky because it is fermented in a brine, the longer you let it sit, the stinkier it’ll become.  My mom was a fan…but not me.  To be honest, I don’t believe it has fungus on it, unless we are talking about two different types of tofu.  If so, I have never seen the fungus tofu.  Yes, tofu is pretty much flavorless, when I cook it, I allow it to cook slowly so the seasoning is able to absorb into the tofu.  What will it take to convince me to eat your precious stinky tofu?  I’d have to say, a lot of money and make sure it’s tax free!  Haha  I’m just kidding.  Really, there is nothing you can do to convince me; the smell itself is so noxious to me, I can’t put it in my mouth.  All other tofu products, I’m all in!

*SIDE NOTE: Yes! The kind I sometimes buy does have fungus. Says on the package!*

Let’s turn this around. I don’t like Mexican Coke, nor Mexican Diet Coke. French Diet coke is like fizzy water with a hint of Coke, yet I shall take that any moment in contrast to Mexican Coke, which is like, Sour Patch Kids melted into a red #4 artificially colored ant farm. Joking aside, I read all dark soda once contained rephrased-on-the-label traces of ants, thus attaining such a shade. Defend your merciless Mexican Coke in the best court room drama possible, if you will, for I shan’t listen beyond ten minutes.

Wow!  I NEVER heard that before!  You’re making me want to gag!  I love my Mexican Coke, that’s made with real cane sugar and comes out of a glass bottle.  There is something nostalgic about that bottle that does it for me every time.  Pulling into a gas station, seeing the old red Coke machines, dropping my coins in, and hearing that bottle fall down.  Then grabbing the bottle and putting the top to the bottle opener and hearing that first gasp of carbonation as the top pops off.  Then raising that cold glass bottle to my lips and tasting that carbonation and sweet coke sliding down my throat.  “AHHHHhhhhhhh…”  There’s nothing like it.  Mexican Coke…there’s nothing like it.


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