Rahbi Raw. Blurring lines, for real.

A guest post by Madam CJ

RAHBI, an Atlanta native, comes from an energy that continues to produce musical Legends, Statements, Superstars, and Icons. Musical goddess Erykah Badu has dubbed RAHBI as “Pure Light” and he’s even gained the respect of his contemporaries Janelle Monae’, PJ Morton of Maroon 5, & Lauryn Hill. RAHBI’s artistry has been compared to performing giants Rick James, Prince, Madonna, David Bowie, & Lady Gaga.


What is the origin of your name?

RAHBI is an Arabic name. My fathers mother is Muslim, my mothers mom is Christian, and I’m the love that connects the two!

What does it mean?

Master Teacher, GOD. 

YAAAAAAS!  How did you know you were blessed with the gift of song?

I guess it started in church. My grandfather, who is the pastor of a Pentecostal church in downtown Atlanta, would always make me sing during services. The experience was always frightening yet rewarding. I was extremely insecure about my voice as a child. However, the applause from the crowd would help calm my nerves. Along with the money grip hand shakes my grandfather gave me after service! lol 

What is your creative process? For putting together shows and for songwriting?

Shows: Being that my background is musical theatre, I like my shows to have a theme. I come up with a general idea for the show and based off of that I come up with different things to support it. For example, one of my shows was entitled “Inspire Me Dammit!” During that show several friends of mine performed as different artists who have inspired my art. So we had special appearances from Grace Jones, Mr. Rogers, The Gamma Rays from the movie School Daze, Tevin Campbell, Prince, and more!!!
Songs: Songwriting comes several ways. It can be inspired by my life experiences, my friends life experiences, a movie, another song, an interview, a play, or a book. I just try to focus on staying present in the moment and let the inspiration come naturally.
People often want to know your preference, your “T”… Tell them what you want them to know please sir.
 lol, I’m fantasy turned reality. Their drug of choice if you will…
Where will RAHBI be in the next 2 years? As an artist and as a businessman?
Those lines are always blurred to me. My business is to create and inspire amazing art!! So, I’ll be the at Grammy’s, touring all over the world, releasing new music, teaching acting workshops for youth, voice overs in movies, and a lot more that I’d like to remain a surprise 😉 

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