David Whild. Guitar God. OUTKAST ATLAST TOUR.

A guest post by Madam CJ

Imagine a rock superstar mothered by Tina Turner and Fathered by George Clinton, a musical Frankenstein love child with the vocal chords of Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin & a multi-instrumentalist composer who raids the wardrobe of Sly and has the cool of ten Princes. If you can fathom such a creature, I present to you, David Whild of Whild Peach.

Formed in Dallas, Texas by songwriter/guitarist/vocalist David Whild & funktress/lead vocalist Peach, Whild Peach made the move to Atlanta in the early 90’s. After their deal with Capital Records went sour, the band started over again on the show circuit hitting the biggest venues in Atlanta. After breaking down Atlanta’s genre partitioning walls, the band assembled a bandwagon on which the likes of Atlanta’s most respected artists jumped.

While the rappers tend to get all the credit, Hip-Hop music particularly the southern kind, which relies heavily on live instrumentation, doesn’t get made without the work of musicians like the ones that make up Whild Peach. They’ve spent those years working on projects with Organized Noize,Goodie Mob,Joi,Cool Breeze,Lil WillKhujo Goodie,Sleepy Brown,The Ali Movie Soundtrack,The Scooby-Doo Soundtrack and most notable among these efforts, is their collaboration with Outkast. Beginning on Outkast’s second album and continuing on to their record, Speaker Boxx/The Love Below (which includes two songs co-written by Whild & Peach) and the Idlewild Soundtrack. Outkast and Whild Peach formed a relationship that included co-writing, lending a hand on vocals and instrumentation.

In April of 2007 Peach lost her long fought battle with breast cancer. The band continues to play and are still as funky as ever.  I had the chance to catch up with front man,David Whild,before the last leg of the Outkast 20 Year Tour.


Have you ever had any other jobs other than being a Bad Ass Guitar player?

I’m a songwriter & producer as well. If u mean non musical then … Yeah, a lotta different shit to survive.

How did Outkast find you?

Several ways.. By way of my band WP playin shows around ATL first of all, then hooking up with Organized Noize.

What is the best part of being on the road, 20 years later?

That I’m still asked & also able to do it & seeing the world.

What is the worst part of being on the road?

Going through airports.

What do you hope your music does for humanity?

Make ppl think, feel it & feel good at the same damn time.

I hear you have video footage of your shows with your wife and musical partner. Will you ever put the videos of Whild Peach on the internet?

Yes.. There’s a few out there now, but some of the best ones aren’t out there at the moment… I’m in the process of putting everything out very soon..

As you can see, David Whild is a man of very few words. Here he is in his guitar glory, in the classic Outkast video “B.O.B.”(Bombs over Baghdad).

Outkast-“B.O.B”(Bombs Over Baghdad)


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