Josey Milner And The New Wave of Artists Hitting Country Music

Once upon a time, Josey Milner was a rodeo champion queen. The 17-year old Missouri farm girl has since been lassoing the Nashville music scene, earning herself a Midwestern Music Awards nomination for Artist of the Year. The CMAs are in a closer distance…


You’ve worked with popular producers. When is a time you’ve had to argue how you were right and show those experienced folks you know better, even at a young age?

I’ve never really had to argue, honestly. The team I work with works really well together. We all agree on the same things. I trust my producer, and if he thinks it will sound good, then I do it. If I don’t like it, then they don’t put up a fight. They know in the end that it’s my decision since it’s my song and my career.

How have you changed from the first time you ever set foot in a recording studio?

I was completely inexperienced the first time I went to a studio. I am so much more comfortable now than when I started. I understand things better and can comprehend terms that my producer uses. I also feel comfortable stopping when I don’t like the sound of something. Every time I go into the studio, I learn new things and improve.

Ever since Taylor Swift came out, more young artists are taking a chance in Nashville. However, this adds to the competition. What are you doing to make yourself unique?

I’m just really working hard and putting a lot of dedication into my career. I think what makes me different is I understand the meaning of country music because that’s pretty much my life. Not only did I do rodeo before I got into music, but I have grown up appreciating hard work and every chance that is given to me. I also am making differences with Angels and Doves, a national, non-profit, anti-bullying organization that I am a spokesperson for. Taking a stand against bullying, I think, is one thing that makes me different. Plus, my voice is pretty unique in its own. There really isn’t a person that you can compare it to.

Which strong female artists have you crossed paths with who gave you amazing advice?

I have not really talked to a lot of female artists, to be honest. It’s kind of hard for females to get into the industry because it’s so male orientated at the moment. The few that I have talked to have just told me to work hard, and if this is what I really want, then I won’t give up until I get to be where I want to be.

How do you want to inspire future women in country music…years from now when they look up to you as a country diva?

I want them to realize that women in country music are powerful and strong. We haven’t let anyone get in our way of achieving what we want. Sure, there are a lot of men, but women have always been in the industry too. Work hard, don’t give up, no matter what, and believe in yourself. You can do anything that you set your mind to.

What advice do you have for peers wanting to make it in the business?

I would say what I kind of said in the last answer. Work hard and be dedicated. I didn’t realize how time consuming and hard this career was when I first got into it, but even through everything that I have experienced, I know this is what I want. Dedication is key. As long as you’re dedicated and passionate, you’ll be able to achieve whatever goal you set.


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