Jhelisa Anderson. Conscious sonic healing.

A guest post by Madam CJ

Born in Mississippi and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Jhelisa started to sing in church at the age of five years old with her family’s singing group, “THE LITTLE DAVID FAMILY” lead by her father “LITTLE DAVID”, a RADIO DJ/MUSICIAN, and her mother YVONNE, a SINGER and COMMUNITY ACTIVIST, and sister PAMELA, a prodigious singer. JHELISA says, “music was a family thing” growing up. My grandfather, uncles, cousins, and aunt played music. Expanding from the church and moving into the forbidden secular world, Jhelisa started playing in local bands at age 15, and after high school Jhelisa left Louisville for Los Angeles, where she hoped to become a television broadcaster, but attending college was short lived as the opportunities to make music opened up. In the course of her career Jhelisa has recorded with artists such as COURTNEY PINE, BRYAN FERRY, MASSIVE ATTACK AND CHAKA KHAN to name a few.
Conscious Sonic Healing and Traveling-7 Chakra Excursion.
Does this mean that this musical effort will attempt to balance the 7 chakras?
The Sound Bliss recordings have been created first, as a relaxing listening pleasure, as well as a sonic tool that can be used to balance your chakras. It really is about how you choose to use the frequencies. No matter what religion or cultural philosophies you follow your mind, body and soul is made up of energy vibrating at various frequencies and will respond to sound waves, enhanced by your intention.
 How did you make your way back to the States?
After 17 years of living in London I wondered, “What the hell has really happened back home?” I had to come back and see my birthplace through new eyes, a broader perspective, my claim was to go back to witness and participate in the nervous breakdown of America..the transformation and try an glue back the pieces of my family within all that.
 What is your goal as an artist?
Whether you are wildly gyrating or gently swaying to my music, provoking emotion is the goal. As well as being part of a household’s record collection, which is one of the highest compliments I have ever been honored with. After over 1 million records sold in 17 countries, my voice and compositions are now part of the global sonic landscape.
I LOVE your voice! Was your voice always deep and powerful when you first started singing?

Since I was 5 years old, singing in church with my dad on piano and my mom and sister on vocals, I always fit in that low register comfortably. It became a spectacle of sorts when I stood on a chair belting out an old spiritual, in a deep alto. I don’t know if I chose it or it chose me.

You have worked with some heavy hitters, HERBIE HANCOCK, the late, great JAMES BROWN, STING, and the legendary MAVIS STAPLESHow did they find you?

 When you get the call from your agent saying you’re opening for an absolute legend, you resonate high energy and prepare yourself to ascend in that atmosphere. Chaka Khan was most encouraging. She had been listening to my first album, “Galactica Rush” for many months, and one day I got the call from her management to set up a meeting. Resulting in her recording one of my songs, “Death of a Soul Diva”. It was an amazing moment in my career, working with one of the most influential singers of our time.

How do you ensure that you are taking care of yourself, mentally,physically and spiritually?

I love yoga, but I haven’t done it in years. I try to live it everyday consciously moving, being and breathing. I seek out organic foods and products anywhere I can find it. Free imagination is a must. Most importantly, I allow myself to feel what I am feeling first and then if I become unbalanced and more water is needed. I find more water. I can’t get stuck in a rut too long. Life is so very interesting and challenging. I always want to see what is up for me next and what I can possibly offer more of. Consciously interacting with the elements around me is how I keep fit in all ways. I know when its too much and when its not enough and sometimes the pendulum swing is polar opposites wide. Whether you’re a monk, an artist or a lying politician, I truly believe we are here to explore that balance in our own individual ways. Rediscovering a universoul love that sustains, protects and guides you. I tell myself, “Whenever you’re ready, let’s go!”

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