How Marshall Dane Started It All With A Cake

Marshall Dane could be the next big country artist out of Canada since Shania Twain. The difference is, he’s very unlikely to cross over into pop land. Perfectly at home within the country/rock realm, it’s hard to believe Mr. Marshall played his first gig for cheesecake (and a huge sum of money, $35 USD to be exact, with that dessert).


How does the location of where you record change the song?

Location can set the mood or lean towards an environment that is conducive to the project at hand.  It has to be comfortable and allow you to set the vibe of the song up…and deliver all its parts. Sometimes, that’s your basement. Sometimes, it’s a fancy schmancy studio.

It’s interesting how you loved “Thriller” when you were younger. Would you ever work with Michael Jackson type theatrics for a music video?

Have you seen me dance? LOL! Yeah…they’d have to give it MJ theatrics..and then some:):)!!

What about meeting and opening for Alan Jackson surprised you most from your previous perception of him?

Can’t say I had any preconceptions, however his cool demeanor and massive security crew gave me the sense that they’ve got their stuff down. Everyone has a job, and his ship runs super smooth and tight. That was impressive.

How are you similar to him in any respect?

I like to run a tight ship and make things smooth. Preparation, organization and respect for the team makes for a great work environment for all.  :):)!

Are you planning on expanding to other instruments besides the guitar for your songwriting or performances?

I play the piano and sometimes add the occasional Mississippi saxophone.

You talk a lot about inspiration coming from your family. What is your parents’ pick for best song you’ve ever written?

My Mama’s favorite tune I wrote in Rexdale, Ontario in 1998. It’s called “Mama.”


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