DJ Sabine. Oya sound. Transformation through music and spirituality.

A guest post by Madam CJ


 Dj Sabine’s work focuses on the exposure and pleasures of African Diasporic music. Brooklyn Mecca and Oyasound are a few of her creative projects. Over the years, Dj Sabine’s mainstay and cultivation has been the monthly event Brooklyn Mecca which has been coined the home of “Grassroots Dance Culture”. Her Oyasound Ep is currently in the works. Sabine worked for Ocha Records label as a Brand Marketing Director/Producer and Bembe NYC Party resident DJ. Dj Sabine spins Global Soul: Hip-Hop, House, Afrotech, Afrobeat, Haitian Roots and other Diasporic tunes. She’s had the great opportunity to spin nationally in the US in NYC, Atlanta, St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago, Omaha, Boston, Miami, LA/Oakland, NJ, Washington DC, Dallas, Denver and internationally in Montreal, Dakar, Haiti, & Cancun. She sits on several panel discussions for the well renown Caribbean Culture Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), highlighting the power of spirituality in the arts and has been honored as an emerging artist at the 27th Annual Women of Power Conference 2014: The Art of Being a Woman. Sabine has also made the Most Respected House DJ’s List of 2014 by MediaServiceNyc for recognized innovative djs. Most recently, in June 2014, Sabine produced her 1st installment of her project Lakay Se Lakay: Home Is Home , a Haitian electronic artists conversation series & No Passport (NYC Edition) party in conjunction with Haiti Cultural Exchange’s 1st NYC Haitian Arts & Culture festival Selebrayson!.

Were you born in Haiti?

No, Bronx NY. My family is from Haiti.

Please explain who Oya is and what she symbolizes.

Oya is a Nigerian Yoruba Goddess diety. She represents transformation. She is a warrior. She is also the guardian of the ancestral realm. She brings things into light, whether you like it or not. She represents air, death, life, element, wind, cycle of life, birth, rebirth, transformation and change.

Why is your brand named Oya Sound?

I started Dj’ing in 2006 and I was going through my own personal transformation then. Looking at my African and Haitian ancestry,finding myself as an artist, I was initiated into the Yoruba tradition then as well. It was only fitting to name it Oya Sound.

The OyaSound EP. What can we expect from this EP?

The EP has been a very long time in the works. I am taking time to learn production, looking at traditional Haitian music and House music. I will release 2 songs from the EP in 2015. I’m currently building with Haitian artists here in the States and working with DubSpot Electronic Music School learning music production.

When did you recognize you could be a DJ and fuse spirituality into your craft?

As an artist, in my opinion, you have to come from a place of spirit to be in tune with your craft. I’ve gotten confirmation through spirit, the positive energy and spiritual uplift from people sharing the music.

Where do you see Oya Sound in the next 5 years?

As a multimedia brand. Production, events, indie label, community service, educational workshops and conferences. Leadership, empowerment and culture in the arts.


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