Bradley White: From “Dynasty” To His Latest Acting Gig, “Weight”

Bradley White has had some fairly stellar guest starring roles on network television: Law & OrderDynastyMiami VicePrivate PracticeCSI and NYPD Blue. He’s now hopping over to a web TV series, Weight, co-starring Martha Byrne from General Hospital.


As a guy, do you understand anything on the show regarding weight or is this all a new look at women’s worries for you?

I understand nothing except the chocolate from this donut is getting on my keyboard.

What is the most challenging thing about working on the show?

Finding enough time to eat everything at craft services.

What ever made you feel inadequate that was in all actuality, like weight, really stupid to worry about?

When I thought I was losing my hair.

How did you change your mind?

Realizing I wasn’t losing my hair. My cat had been hanging out in the shower.

Is it harder to play a serious role or one with comedic timing?

Silly question. Nothing is more serious than comedy.

 You worked with Jennifer Aniston before she became as popular as she is. Amongst your co-stars in the past years, who is going to be the next big thing in your opinion ― and is yet to be discovered by the masses?

Probably Martha Byrne. I’ve worked with Aniston, Helen Hunt, Jennifer Garner, Kate Walsh and Sarah Paulson. Look what happened to them.

What are your secret acting exercises to give you the best on screen performance ever? (OK, perhaps not secret anymore, LOL.)

Listening is everything!

Aside from just starring in someone else’s work, which you do beautifully, when are you writing or producing your next project?

Working on a new TV series.

Any hints of what it will be about?

Real estate and reality TV.


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