House In the Park Atlanta is 10 this year and Ramon Rawsoul is a Proud Papa!

A guest post by Madam CJ

Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, the birthplace of House Music, it was no coincidence that Ramon Rawsoul would follow a path paved by legendary music greats such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Farley JackMaster Funk, Lil Louis, Gene Hunt, Pharris Thomas and Lee Collins. Ramon would be the first to bring the “House in The Park” concept to the South. House in the Park Atlanta is now 10 years old. It is one of THE best things to ever happen to Atlanta since I have been here. 


Thank you for creating House in the Park-ATL. It means SO much to a LOT of people. How does it feel to birth this event and it turn 10 years old this year?

HITP turning 10 feels really surreal.  I had no idea that the event would grow to the magnificent numbers that it has grown to. We put so much work and time into this event during the year it feels like I have a child. So this year is my child’s 10th birthday.

Has there been an economic impact from HITP in the Atlanta community?

HITP has a huge economic impact on Atlanta. We have people flying and driving in from all over the world.  China, England, Germany, and most of the United States.  These people rent hotels, eat at our local restaurants and participate in other activities all weekend.  With the onset of the now 3 year old “Atlanta Weekender”, we have patrons showing up as early as the Wednesday before HITP.  Not to mention the fees associated with HITP that go to the City of Atlanta and the various other vendors we must contract.

 House in the Park is a free event. However, it is not free to produce. How much money does it take to put on the event? If you think that is too forward on a scale from 1-10(1 being fairly inexpensive 10 highly expensive).

The event is NOT free and it’s a challenge to keep it free.  Expensive or inexpensive is a very relative term; let’s just say if everyone who showed up all gave $1.00 it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the costs associated with the event.

I absolutely love how when you became a resident of the city and entered the already established House scene here in ATL, you respected the creators and old heads of the scene. Even though you come from Chicago, the birthplace of House music, you never came in with an ego or the entitled attitude. I’m finding that some neophytes (new to any scene, in a new city) are pompous and sometimes disrespectful to the ones that came before them. I think this happens because they think only talent and hella social network followers gives them a pass. How did you remain mindful of being the hot new DJ in an already established scene? 

When I started throwing parties and DJ’ing in Atlanta I had lived here for 10 years. I took my time and met ALL the players in the game.  I knew I couldn’t come into someone else’s territory and try to be successful,without the blessing of the already established players.  I had and still have such a high level of respect for the DJ’s that came before me and laid the ground work in the Atlanta house scene.  Ron Pullman, Kai Alce, DJ Kemit, Cullen Cole, Justin Chapman, to name a few.  These guys were doing it when I was on the other side of the DJ booth as a spectator; so it was only right to be down and get down with them.  As far as me being humble as a new Hot DJ?  As DJs we have a saying ‘that you are only as hot as you last set’.  What that tells me is this business is very subjective, you can’t get the big head because the crowd is your judge and jury and they don’t like arrogance no matter how good you are.

How can we send in donations for House in the Park? Give us the whole she bang!

HITP has a lot of upfront cost that come out of my personal money with help from my friend and partner Kai Alce.  Donations at the park are great but donations beforehand are even better.  Patrons can donate at and click on the “Donate” button.

I know how some dj’s feel about request. However ,I have one. Will you be playing my song “Smell Urself “the Daz I Kue Bounce mix this year?

We will see if we can get the crowd to “smell themselves” this year.

How do you remain stress free during the HITP planning and execution? Do you have any rituals that you do?

Luckily, I have a great team around me that surrounds me with love and advice during the planning and execution phase.  My right hand man which is really a woman, Karin Smoot, holds me down.  She helps to field a lot of the stuff that I shouldn’t be dealing with on a day to day basis so that I can focus on the vision of the event.  I do have a few rituals.  #1, I won’t check the weather until the Friday before the event.  #2. I don’t go out the night before the event.  #3  When I arrive at the park I always pray and ask Allah to bless the dance floor, the park and the patrons so that everyone will have a great time.

House in the Park Atlanta is Sunday August 31,2014 12-8pm at Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia.


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