Jiggley Jones Is “No Spring Chicken”

Jiggley Jones titled his debut EP, No Spring Chicken. It appears that Mr. Jones, however, isn’t an old, boring guy with his songwriting. Terry Wendt, Shania Twain’s band leader, produced some of his work, and you’ll be impressed by his classic American sound.

Would you describe your musical style as old fashioned country in any way, big or small?

The instrumentation on my two records definitely has that old school country vibe to it, but the songwriting overall is not old fashioned country in any way.

What musical genres would you ever gently experiment with that you have yet to try out?

Well, I’ve touched on rock, folk and country already, so maybe bluegrass would be the natural progression.

How does someone launch a successful radio airplay campaign when now, there are so many signed and unsigned artists having songs requested by callers?

I imagine having a good radio promoter couldn’t hurt. It’s very difficult to have any type of sustained radio promotion on your own.

How do you select the live venues perfect for your performances, and what do you do upon getting there to give audiences a great show?

I play acoustically, and the venue usually picks me because that’s what they’re looking for at that given time. It’s all about the music, and presenting it passionately is the key to a good live show.

Some of your shows are in the northeastern USA. How are you convincing people there to appreciate country music?

Country music is appreciated everywhere these days, even overseas. I don’t think that I have to do any convincing at all.

As a gentleman who writes uplifting songs, what songs by other artists do you listen to when you want to be in a good mood?

How about Dave Matthews and The Eagles!



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