Peace Rebel Yani Raises Hell for Peace

A guest post by Madam CJ

Her name means “Peace” yet her sound cuts through the silence, luring her audience into a rhythmical space that is freeing. In this space, bodies rock metrically, heads bob acquiescently, and hands wave as if her beats have read their palms. . Everything flows when she flows.  Yes, her name is YaNiShe is a poet with a message. She is a rapper with a cause. She is a lyricist with a song and her name means “Peace”.


Currently, she is promoting her new mixtape called, “WhoisYaNi: The Rebel.”

What or who would you acquiesce to?

The people around me could answer that better than I ever could.

What do you raise hell about? What is your passion/cause you believe in and fight for?

I raise hell about people being whole and recognizing their potential. It seems we love a society where mediocrity and lackluster behavior is accepted and expected. I want to transform the minds of people so they can strive to actualize their dreams and fulfill their purpose while on this earth. My people and I talk a lot about peace. Our motto is be peace, know peace, live peace because so many don’t know what internal peace is. In turn, our world is in a constant state of chaos.
What is your ritual for taking care of YOU? What modalities do you use in your self-care?
I practice self-care by meditating for an hour in the morning. I spend a lot of time in silence and that silence allows me to face life experiences with grace and ease. I also take myself on plenty “me-dates.” In particular, I go to the drive-in movie theatre every Monday night!
What is a typical day like for you?
A typical day consists of helping others, writing/reading and sending off orders. I hate the post office, but I’m getting better and being more disciplined at going as soon as an order hits the inbox.
What is an ideal day? What kind of day do you dream of having?
I dream of a day where I get to travel, create and perform. The beginning of each day would be dedicated to eating well, exercising and meditating. The second part of the day would be dedicated to performance and creating! It’s coming soon. I feel it!
What are you working on now or promoting now?
I’m currently promoting my new mixtape called “WhoisYaNi: The Rebel.” It’s 11 songs that I worked super hard on. I’m also promotion my clothing line Peace People Apparel and my new book called “Love Poems for Peace.” and
What kind of soap do you use?

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