8 Easy Ways to Drink More Water in Your Fitness Routine

Author and self described workplace assessor Keli Lenfield hit the nail deep in the coffin’s wood when she mentioned she hates how people don’t drink enough water.

It was almost a jinx moment. Are you one of us no water drinkers? Every man I know prefers nesting on the couch to drinking enough fluids. Many women think orange juice and three glasses of wine substitute for a daily water dosage. I myself have problems consuming enough water, drinking everything but it some days with my apple juice, etc.

“Need to drink more water but won’t (sorry can’t) find the time? Maybe you have been saying to yourself for way too long that you can’t stand the ‘boring’ taste?” she asks.

“Well, No More! Here are eight ways to drink more water throughout the day… welcome to your new daily H2O routine!”

Take it away, Ms. Lenfield…

1. “Start your day with a large glass of water with some fresh lemon juice.”

“This will mean that before you even step out the door, your daily water consumption is well underway.”

2. “Improve your headspace.”

“Every time you drink some clean fresh water, think of your body, organs, skin, eyes and brain saying ‘THANK YOU!'”

3. “Get into the habit of having a water bottle with you.”

“…in the car, near your desk, in your bag – there is plenty of time to drink water when you are driving, typing, browsing and shopping.”

4. Change it up!

“Drink low carbonated sparkling if you prefer or add some fresh lime or lemon juice to your filtered water.”

5. Try cold water.

“Really cold water can be beneficial for weight loss, as your body has to work overtime to keep you warm AND send the water throughout your body and into your blood stream.”

6. Filter your mouth, literally.

“Humour me and try the difference between regular tap water (depending on where you live!) and filtered water – pure heaven!”

7. Drink tea.

“Cold or hot green tea is also a great way to increase your water consumption and is extremely refreshing whatever the weather.”

8. Drink enough water once you get going. It’s a great habit!

“Try and drink up to three litres per day – you will be going to the bathroom A LOT in the beginning, which is normal and an excellent sign, albeit a tad annoying, but after a short amount of time the bathroom visits will ease off as your body gets used to loving the amount of water you are drinking… it’s called hydration.”


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