Poor Self Esteem Drama: Why You Should Believe in “Perfect Imperfection”

In her final words of advice, author Keli Lenfield tells us why we can use something called “perfect imperfection” on our way to improving our self worth.

#1: No diets.

“The D-word just leads to dread, hatred of certain foods, restriction or sacrifice, boredom and billions of dollars to the innovators, marketers and celebrity endorsers,” she says.

True. Who hasn’t had enough of fad diet pills and celebrities in their ads?

#2 Remember, you are an individual.

“Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious of answers:  You are unique and therefore need to understand and appreciate how you work and how you feel about yourself.”

#3 Listen to your stomach: when it’s hungry and when it isn’t.

“We were all born with a natural eating mechanism,” says Lenfield. “Think about it – babies eat what their bodies need and then simply throw up what their bodies are rejecting and/or when they have had enough. Our bodies are VERY clever and we have cravings for a reason.”

#4 Don’t compare yourself to everyone else!

“When did we stop listening to ourselves and our bodies? Why do we (females, and more alarmingly so, males) hope to accomplish by comparing ourselves to a completely different human being means leaving our miraculously unique body images behind to try to be someone we literally are not and never will be? Educate yourself on your body shape and STOP the comparison merry-go-round.”

I’m severely guilty of number four. How about you, readers?

#5 Drink a lot of water.

“Water is the elixir of life – drink as much as you can each and every day.”

You may notice Ms. Lenfield is repeating herself from our how to look like Kate Upton article on the water thing. It’s because she wants you to know how important it is.

“Revel in the journey and find your own balance,” she says. “Food is energy (fat and all!) we need it to function and live. Eating what your body can digest and the natural high from any type of exercise leads to a healthier human being with a very positive body image.”


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