Sire, Most Famous For His 50 Cent Production, Becomes A Star As a Solo Act

Hey you. Yes, you, the guy who was about 16 years old a decade ago. Did you buy a copy of 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ soundtrack?

If so, you’re familiar with Sire’s work and didn’t know it: he produced “Window Shopper,” the album’s most popular single after “Huster’s Ambition.”

Sire, pronounced Sih-RAY, has worked with Lil’ Kim, Justin Bieber and Cam’ron. Now, it’s time for the man who learned a thing or two from his uncle – who was in charge of the Boys Choir of Harlem as its founder and director – to stand out on his own and get the recognition he rightfully deserves.


As a producer, did you ever want to run up to people and shout, “I produced that?!” A lot of people didn’t know who Pharrell was until this year when he’s made so many hits. Do you relate to him any?

Actually, one of my goals as a producer is to touch so many people in a positive way that people of all walks of life around the world will know who I am and what I represent. Positivity: It’s Contagious. But, most people know me from producing 50 cent’s “Window Shopper.”

What can someone learn from a boys’ choir that works well for any type of music? Your uncle ran the choir in Harlem and he must have influenced you somehow.

He was definitely a big influence on me and my career, bigger than he probably ever knew. Watching him take the less fortunate and misled youths and lead the Boy’s Choir of Harlem around the world taught me many things. I’ll share two.

1. Lead by example.

Sometimes, it’s better to show people instead of telling them.

2. Follow your heart.

There were some not so good times with the boys choir, but his life’s work meant so much more than anything else for him ever give up.

Since you’ve worked with Lil’ Kim, and with the popularity now of Iggy Azalea this summer, what does it take for a woman to be successful in hip hop? There are so few strong and famous female rappers out.

Yeah, the beautiful, the amazingly talented Iggy. even in a male dominant industry…I believe like anything else, it just takes discipline and consistency. The work will speak for itself at some point.

Is it hard producing your own songs? Are you stricter on your delivery as a performer from having high standards?

Woking with other artists or producers, sometimes, you have to compromise your original ideas, or things just don’t come out as planned.  Producing myself, I do whatever the hell I wanna do. Period. hahaha. Hell of a lot easier.

What caused the switch to being a full time performer?

The freedom of being able to release music and share my sound and thoughts with people across the world at any given time. I feel as if that is a gift to us all in the modern age of Internet; we can share our ideas and find common ground with others so far away we may never even meet. I feel like sometimes, that’s wasted and/or taken for granted, but to the artist that has their life’s work in perspective, it’s golden.

How can we buy your songs?

iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spottily. Also, my website For any bookings or inquiries: Youtube:

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