Brooke Cairns: The Beautiful and Ambitious Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2014


As Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2014, Brooke Cairns is the company of great women.

Since 2011, the Galaxy pageant is crowning gorgeous and smart ladies down under. Winners of the flagship American pageant have gone on to statewide Miss USA titles, modelling and acting credits, thus the Oz chapter of Miss Galaxy cannot be too far off from discovering the next Jennifer Hawkins.

As the current Miss Teen Galaxy Australia, what has your journey into the fashion and modelling industry entailed?

To be completely honest, I entered the Miss Teen Galaxy Australia Pageant with no prior modelling experience, so, so far it has taken me on an amazing journey-and has provided me with so many new opportunities. Not only was there a catwalk component at the State & National Final, but I now have also had the opportunity of being a part of numerous photo shoots, and am lucky to be supported by an amazing clothing company- Martini Runway, so I really am living the dream!

Representing Galaxy Pageants in Australia, how has the pageant supported your beliefs or foundations?

I decided to enter the Galaxy Competition at the completion of my Year 12 studies last year. I was College Captain & Valedictorian at school so through those roles I had a chance to influence younger girls and represent my school at many community events. I saw Miss Teen Galaxy as the perfect bridge to take me on my next journey, whilst allowing me to continue doing the things I love. I have always been active in my community & promoted fundraising for charity, so the Australia Galaxy Pageant program really supported my existing beliefs and foundations. I am proud to be a representative of the Galaxy System.

How has your ‘passion for fashion’ enabled you to be more confident in the business world?

I believe personal presentation is a vital aspect of your delivery in any facet of life. Presenting yourself neat and tidy, in appropriate clothing-in all situations, is so incredibly important. I love having the opportunity to style an outfit to my taste, and wear it out to an event- wearing something you are comfortable in gives you so much added confidence!

What direction do you see yourself heading, plans for the future?

Right now, I’m still letting everything sink in! Everything still feels surreal, but I’m busy making appearances and getting reading for the Galaxy international pageant in August, to be held in Florida. My sister Queen Jessica Martini- Miss Galaxy Australia, and I have both never been overseas, so this is going to be an incredible trip for both of us! I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I intend to grab every possible opportunity with both hands.

How do you think fashion is gearing young women to take on the world?

I believe fashion provides all women with a wealth of confidence. In many cases, presenting professionally and feeling confident in yourself allows you to step into, and gain the best out of most situations.

How has the fashion industry influenced the younger generations these days when they have such vast access to the world and adult influences. Is this concerning or invigorating?

I think young girls are influenced by what they see presented in the media, especially in teenage-directed magazines. Most of the magazines and articles directed towards younger girls in our society are age appropriate and display a positive body image. I think it is important for girls to stay true to themselves and dress appropriately for their age and situation they are presenting themselves in and there is no problem.

Do you think you will use your new title to help people in need?

Whilst on my Galaxy Journey, I have been actively fundraising for the Make a Wish Foundation, who grant wishes to critically ill children, as well as Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, who take care of injured wildlife. These are both wonderful charities who are close to my heart and promote wonderful causes. As well as supporting these two charities, my personal goal is to promote the well-being of younger girls. I have recently initiated my own small youth group in my area, so I am currently making ongoing plans for that, and I will be using my title to be the best role model I can be, and promote a positive image for girls Australia-wide.


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