Vo Era Aspires “To Be the Best”

Fresh off our interview with Notrydo.Sincere, get ready for another great Chicago raised artist!

Vo Era taught himself how to play guitar and sing soulfully at church, and he tells us, his musical fortune was a gift from above. Branding himself on his passion and optimism, he performed at President Obama’s inaugural festivities, and today, you can hear him performing locally around Manhattan as he rises to the top.


How long did you play guitar before you began writing your own songs?

I actually started singing and writing first. Picked up the guitar few years after.

Would you still have gone to college if you knew you wanted to pursue music? There is no wrong answer either way.

I did attend college for a bit. I majored in music. Go figure.

My music is a God given gift.  I don’t have any formal training. Started playing in church as a teenager.

How many songs on your new album are about your girlfriend?

Two songs: “Waters Run Deep” and “You Do it For Me.”

Your website talks about your optimism. Why do you choose to sing about positive themes? Many artists use music as therapy, dealing with sad issues from their pasts.

Well, you can never have enough positivity. Definitely, music has helped me overcome many hardships. I’m grateful to have escaped the street life that I grew up around and was once a part of just to fit in….

What about music keeps you going when some people give up after one year of rejection or hardships?

My passion and love for music keeps me going. Giving up has never been an option. It’s too fulfilling for me to ever stop OR give up. If I wasn’t doing music, iI wouldn’t be me.

How did you get to sing the Black National a Anthem at the inaugural festivities? Did any Illinois connections help you?

Yes, it was coordinated by the Young and Powerful Organization (Y & P). My good friend, Vanessa Abron from Chicago works with them. She was the one set everything up for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet Obama. Maybe next time.     : )

How are you taking NYC by storm this year?

Well, I released my debut album, Honey, in August 2013. It’s now available in ALL digital stores.
So, I’ll be performing and promoting at as many venues as possible, networking frequently and formulating my team.

NYC is saturated with so many great artists, so it’s been challenging, BUT I’m gradually making waves day by day In this industry. You must strive to be the best that you can be, with hopes to become ONE of the BEST.


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