Ti’Jean Hangs With Kanye West’s Crew and Takes Us Into a “Hall of Mirrors”

Brooklyn born and East Coast bred Ti’Jean has recorded with Pusha T, Kanye West’s label mate and signee. But don’t waste time linking him to others.

In the near future, we may see other artists working their connections to Ti’Jean, who has his own new mix tape out called “Hall of Mirrors.” The gentleman says he isn’t about anger towards fellow entertainers…and learn more about his unusually fresh stage name that really is his birth name!



You worked with Pusha T on a mixtape, which is a big deal. He gave an interview about how he doesn’t mind befriending industry rivals. Would you ever be able to befriend someone who’s such a big competitor to your music without any angst involved?

Absolutely, I would definitely be able to befriend any competitor in music…it’s inspiring. Music, especially hip hop music, is very personal to the artist because at its purest level, it is very passionate and based on experienced, based on lifestyle and environment. Hip hop is extremely competitive, but when it’s all said and done, it’s just art and not meant to be all out warfare! Haha. It’s OK to coexist, create and be competitive without any angst or maliciousness.

Speaking of that interview, in it, Pusha says he is friends with Lil Wayne. Who, you probably know, confusingly unleashed Paris Hilton’s Barbie party “Good Time” on us. What do you think got into his head? I’m all for a Paris Hilton album with Lil Wayne: if he actually gave her a good instrumental. What are your feelings on this?

I feel like Lil Wayne is a great artist who also knows great talent with the success of Drake and Nicki Minaj. So I agree and believe with the right production and direction that comes natural and is believable to her fanbase, it will be a success. I don’t doubt for a second that Lil Wayne isn’t experienced enough to make a great product that people will be entertained by.

What is the first thing you do when you know you’re collaborating with a producer or artist?

The first thing I do is make sure that the sound is immediately inspiring to both of us to create a higher level of art every time. I like to either invite them into my world sonically or enter their world and then produce a combination of styles that compliment each other. I love artistic contrast. I like to put myself and the artist that I collaborate with out of their comfort zone or put a creative twist on what we already do…so no one is “painting the same picture” over and over.

Do you hang out first to know their style and personality or go straight to work?

If I do a song with anyone, I am most likely a fan of their work already, so it’s easy to pinpoint their styles and what they’re capable of…so, I don’t necessarily need to hang out with the artist before hand. I don’t find it difficult either way because I can also just get my concept together and share my ideas then get right to work!

Your parents named you after a fable in which a man tricks the devil. As an artist, how would your music trick the devil into having a good time?

Haha. No need to trick him, I think the Devil is always having a good time! Lol. Usually, the bad things feel good, and my music will always be the soundtrack of bringing out the best experiences, whether bad or good…depending on who you are! haha

How is releasing a digital mixtape different than the old school mixtape used by artists like Queen Latifah, as in a mixtape that actually was a physical tape?

I would say it’s amazing how much further of a global audience I can reach by releasing my mixtape “Hall of Mirrors” digitally online as opposed to the old school way. But I appreciate and practice all types of marketing, whether old school or new school.

Even with this mixtape, we have physical CDs for promotion, as well as it being available on my website TiJeanOnline.com and iTunes/Google Play. I would also say that in this day and age, artists approach mixtapes like albums, so the quality and concepts are very well put together and recorded professionally.

What’s up next for you?

I will continue to push my mixtape “Hall of Mirrors” and promote my first single “Fast/Slow” featuring Pusha T that we will drop a video for very soon!

I’m also in the process of setting up dates for shows and exploring a potential tour in the States this year. And of course, I have more videos and singles coming out with one I’m especially excited about featuring the legendary hip hop artist Scarface. We’re just getting started; it’s going to be a great year!


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