Maxine Ashley, A YouTube Age Lauren Hill

Maxine Ashley uploaded a cover song video onto YouTube, and that was all it required for top producer Pharell (“Blurred Lines,” “Hollaback Girl”) to ring her up. has said she “glows with seductive elegance.” Her SoundCloud profile says, “Bronx-born Maxine Ashley is a soulful & sassy 20-year-old misfit with a mesmerizing voice and a rebel spirit.” Meanwhile, Interview praised her for her fashion sense. Intriguing…let’s get to know this girl already!


You’ve been everywhere…Interview…and! What’s the secret to making your music go viral and/or get media attention?

I went viral by being myself. I got into YouTube because it was fun for me, and singing is something that I’ve always loved doing. I didn’t set out with fame in mind. I would say there is no secret. I can only tell people to be original and let your talent do the talking.

OK, say someone wants to get noticed on YouTube by a major producer. He or she doesn’t have any connections, material or fans. What is your advice?

First, you gotta have fun with it! Make sure you love what you’re doing and put your all into it.  Anything that isn’t genuine will get overlooked. It’s also good to put your contact information on your profiles, because you never know who could be looking for you. Open up!

From “She’s kind of a misfit, unconventional, and most importantly, talented.  Her sound is so unique, she really can’t be put in any box.” Do you agree with any of this statement?

I’m flattered by it, mostly! I used to think I was weird growing up, so to hear people say such great things about me is surreal.  But I’m thankful!

An artist needs a well rounded model to sell these days. You’re pretty active on Tumblr. How do you decide what to post?
I love keeping up on social media. It helps me stay inspired, so anything I see and love, I immediately reblog it or share it. I think it helps that my Tumblr is linked to my Instagram, so anything I post on Instagram will automatically post to my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. I think I just share what I like, and that’s how I decide what ends up going up.
Do you think into everything or are you more a spur of the moment person with your music and career?

I am definitely spur of the moment. My entire life is unpredictable. I love things to flow out and come naturally. That’s why I titled my current mixtape Moodswings, which everyone can download for FREE on  It was my own special way of giving something to my fans and connecting with them through my ups and downs.

When Alicia Keys came out, she was a girl at a piano. Nothing more. Why do you feel you went a different route: being out there versus a Keys type simplicity?

It has a lot to do with who I am and who I’ve always been. I’m complicated and weird, and I can’t help it, so there’s no way I could ever have a simple life, even if I tried. The only thing Alicia Keys and I have in common is that we’ve both worked with my amazing producer Kerry Krucial of Krucial Noise. Oh, and that we can sing our butts off!


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