Lee Safar Does Her “Laundry After Midnight”

Way back in 2009, Americans and Brits first heard of Lee Safar from Twilight soundtrack rumors. MTV reported that she was going to appear on the New Moon album! Who was this mysterious new girl?! Yes, you did and do have to use exclamation marks for everything Twilight. The series is that big to women.

Now, we’re wrapping up 2013, and Miss Safar has not slowed down. She has a dance album out that will rival anything by Kylie and is going the unusual route of tying her personal brand to an actual peanut butter brand, Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter. Yes, the peanut butter is really good, but so is her music. My dad, the dance diva enthusiast and a well established Madonna and Minogue sisters fan, was thrilled that I gave him her new album. Perhaps you will be too…and her songs will stick around on your iPod like a good PB&J sandiwch.


How is ARIA Week going for you?

Aria week has been great! The two highlights have been the Season 1 finale of  my online show ‘The Music Spring’ (www.themusicspring.com) and EMC (Electronic Music Conference) held in Sydney.

About a week ago, you filmed a music video. Do you get very personal with the direction or is it a fantasy?

It wasn’t actually a music video I filmed. It was, in fact, one part of an eight part video series that will be sent exclusively to fans who support the new single release for ‘Fallen’ through the pre-order packages. The video content provides insight into the personal journey I’ve taken to make the album and this song in particular. It explores what’s involved in making music in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and how isolated that experience can be compared to when I was making rock records.

With regards to music video’s though, I prefer to make them personal and use them as a medium to expose another truth about me or the song. My music video’s are an extension of the creative expression of the song.

Supposedly, Britney Spears says producers are surprised that she can indeed sing well when they work with her. When you go into the studio, what surprises producers about you?

Producers are always surprised that I’m not a raging diva. I’ve heard it from almost every producer and mix engineer I’ve worked with…”You’re so down to earth. I thought you’d be more of a diva.” Cracks me up every time.

What is unique about you as an artist?

The red feather relationship I have with my fans is one of the things that makes me unique as an artist. I used to do a weekly vlog called “Dream Angel.” It was a vlog about following your true passion in life to find authentic happiness and using the power of choice to create your chosen destiny. I’ve taken all the vlogs down now except for one…”The Red Feather Exercise” which coupled with the truths I reveal in my music about my personal “Red Feather journey” have resulted in fans changing their lives to live their dreams. I’ve had fans publish books because of their connection to the “Red Feather Exercise”, I’ve had fans make their way into their dream jobs, some have made significant life choices to find a level of happiness they never thought possible and then tattoo the same Red Feather as I have on my neck on themselves to celebrate their successes. So yeah, Red Feathers are what makes me unique as an aritst. 😉

And what is strange, both musically and personally?

I’m a sugar free, alcohol free, drug free vegan releasing music in EDM….you don’t get more strange than that artistically and personally! lol 😉

What is the weirdest thing that has ever inspired your music?

I had this dream once on my birthday a few years ago. I was doing a huge stadium gig and rocking out to a huge crowd at a festival as the headliners. Once the show ended I walked off stage and for some reason was on the floor of my grandparents bathroom dripping with sweat and face as red as a beetroot. I looked up at the mirror and saw a guide that had been with me in my dreams since I was a child. Shocked, I asked him what this dream was about. He asked me if I remember the song I was just singing on stage. I replied “Yes”. He said “Do you think you can remember it when you wake up?” Again I replied “Yes”. He said, “The song is a birthday present from me as is the glimpse into your future. You will be on that stage in the waking world one day.” Next thing, I woke up went to my piano “Henry” and played the song. The song, ‘Hidden’ made it onto my first EP. To this day I learn a new thing about the mysteries of the world every time I hear it.

On your blog, you talk about people putting your music up on free download sites. Your solution is to give people the music for free if they cannot afford it. How can any singer succeed when his or her music is readily available?

The discussion of how artists can succeed these days is a very interesting and complex one. Honestly I don’t have the answer yet. Nor do I believe that the New Music Industry has developed far enough at this stage of the business cycle to reveal the successful trends that will eventually give birth to the next generation of successful artists. The ambiguity around the current state of our industry that lead me to create “The Music Spring.” We’ve just reached the end of the first season and the information that was so generously shared by so many top level industry experts blew my mind.

Throughout the season I started to think about how my fans consume my music compared to the rest of the market. I wasn’t any different from other artists it seemed which made me feel kind of at ease to be honest. I chose to change that and started with surveying my fan base about what motivates them to buy music. I realised that my fans don’t want to buy CD’s but they do want to support my music as long as they got more than just a digital download. Now they know my obsession with peanut butter so I approached the owner (Pic) of my favourite peanut butter, Pic’s Peanut Butter, and asked if he’d be interested in letting me release my music on his peanut butter jar. He loved the idea. 6 weeks later, we had ‘Fallen’ produced, mixed, mastered and the packaging ready to go for pre-order. Fans pre-order the single in one of three options on my website with each option giving you more for your buck as you go higher up through the packs. Once you pre-order, you immediately get the digital download of the single. The day the single goes out, the peanut butter jars will be shipped worldwide for my fans to enjoy!

The jars are selling well in the first week, the single has started to get radio play, and the fans can’t wait to taste the peanut butter that I have been raving about for the last couple of months. This is a world first. Now I can’t stop my fans from downloading my music for free. But I can give them a reason to want to pay for it which is what we’ve done with the peanut butter.

On the other hand, if they can’t afford to pay for it, I don’t want them to go to download sites and rip it from their. I’d rather they came to me and got it for free at the best possible quality they can and really get to enjoy it. Why? Because I am told time and time again by my fans that my music has a healing quality to it and I don’t want anyone to miss out on that medicine if they need it. I know what they’re talking about when they call it healing because it does the same thing to me. That feeling is the most peaceful feeling on this earth for me and 99c for a download isn’t a price that will do it justice. So to me, as an artist, when someone comes to me and says, “Things are a bit tough right now and your track ‘Beloved’ is really helping me get through it, Thanks for letting me have it for free”, that IS success. Some people pay in $$$ some pay with compassion and gratitude. The trick is getting it to a critical mass!

lee 1

I love peanut butter with exotic jellies for sandwiches and it is very cool you are doing an unusual method of promoting your music. What is your favourite way to eat it?

My most favourite way is with a spoon, and I only ever eat crunchy peanut butter. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I judge people who eat smooth peanut butter, lol.

If you could choose any song to get stuck in someone’s head like peanut butter itself does to a spoon, which would it be?

I keep getting told how catchy my new single ‘Fallen’ is so it would have to be that! Everyone go listen, go now…and comment where ever it is you’re hearing…and share it with everyone you know! I promise they’ll love you for it.


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