Jordan Morris Seeks “Blurred Lines”

Jordan Morris admired the Backstreet Boys as a young boy growing up in northwest London. Tossing around other favourite names like, oh, some guys called Timberlake and Robin Thicke, he is now on his way to inspiring the same feelings in a younger generation with his own solo recording career. Oh, yes, and he has a new single out soon as well…


When did you notice that girls loved your singing voice?

(Laughs)l Ever since I really let the ladies see what my voice could do. When I was 15 years old, we had an end of year assembly at school, and I remember that was the first time I had to sing in public. I didn’t even know what I was in for, but the girls’ reactions were so crazy, they seemed to love it, and that was enough for me to never look back.

Tens of thousands of people in London want to be entertainers at any given moment. How did you aim to stand out at open mic nights?

I don’t think I ever tried to do anything other than be myself. I believe we’re all unique from birth and for me it wasn’t about trying to emulate another artist, it was a genuine discovery of myself. I think that organic feeling made it easier for people to associate me with me (laughs).

Did you have any naysayers?

Most definitely, that good old saying, “You can’t please everyone,” especially in the beginning, when I hadn’t found myself truly as an artist. I just go with the mindset that if I stay true to myself and stay evolving, maybe the naysayers will end up respecting my journey and transform into fans!

Have you met any of the artists you admired as a kid?

I have been blessed to meet a few! The one that stands out the most was meeting R. Kelly. That was amazing.

Now that you’re older, what do you see in yourself that you would have admired if you were a kid being a fan of your grown up self?

That’s a great question! Reflecting on myself, I think my state of mind and how I’m living would really turn me into an admirer. The fact that I’m able to maintain a healthy, happy and loving lifestyle… Of course, I would admire my musical achievements, vocal ability and the artist I am today. I’ve come a long way!

What does “making it” mean for you?

To me, that term is wider than the social perception of success. More personally, it’s just making it happen in everyday life and bettering myself, always evolving positively. More specifically, I would say it’s doing what I love for a “career” and being able to increasingly support my lifestyle doing something I genuinely love.

What is your next music video going to be?

I’m glad you asked, It will be my official UK single release, “Taking Your Side,” featuring the crazy genius, Dappy. I hope you’re able to watch and enjoy it on release day!


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