Jay Mula, The Unlikely Video Artist

Andy Warhol is quoted as saying, “A picture means I know where I was every minute. That’s why I take pictures. It’s a visual diary.”

All right, Warhol was a pretty starchy art guy. But if you think about it – had he lived in this century – Mr. 15 Minutes of Fame himself would have been digging Jay Mula’s music videos. Mula sells his visual artistry and hip hop sound with dash, drive and power. And, oh yeah, the rhymes are pretty good too.

Every young model/actor/singer wants to do the Tyrese career route. The problem is, there is only one Tyrese and a million guys who want to be like him. What is different about you so you won’t be one of the failed people…and will instead make future young men say they want to be like you?

I definitely admire Tyrese’s drive and work ethic. He’s an incredibly talented individual. But what separates me as an artist is that I understand the value in individuality, so though I admire him, that doesn’t meant I want to be him. Because I think trying to be like someone else, is a sure way to become one of those “failed people.” Instead I embrace what makes me unique.

We need to re-think what we consider “failing.” You can only learn from your mistakes. Never attempting your dreams, giving up, etc…that is failing. If you put your heart into whatever you’re passionate about, and it doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean you failed, but instead that you should shift your perspective and look for the lesson. If you have a passion, don’t let anyone deter you from it. Stay focused. Stay determined. Stay honest. Never give up. And you will achieve what you set out to do.

Do you have any good luck superstitions you follow to ensure your music is successful? 

No superstitions per se, but when I’m recording my music, the lights in my booth are always off, and there cant be a bunch of people in the studio. I like to feel like it’s just me and my music when I’m recording, no bright lights, no distractions.

I write my best music when I’m on the move. So in cars, while I’m walking or in subways, as long as I’m on the go, I’m in my element!

Your “Hear Me Though” video has a lot of people in it, a good scene setup and multiple shots. Which is great ― every Indie artist has something like one single shot of them singing in front of a cardboard box because it’s “artsy.” How did you find your music video director?

It’s very hard to find good directors but I lucked out with “Hear Me Though” produced by Hitbraniac and shot by Charles Gates of Gator 8 Films. I met Charles at a private event; we clicked instantly and soon after began collaborating on projects together. He also shot my song “20’s” that was produced by Hitbraniac and assistant directed by Ira Stubbs. We also recently shot “Worried Bout It” ft well known New York rapper Fred the Godson and produced by Young Trip. Me and Charles have definitely plan on continuing to work together and have huge plans for the future.

Tattooed actor Doug Drucker who’s been in movies and TV shows made an appearance in the video as well, which was great.

Did you do an open casting call or do you know everyone in your video?

A little bit of both. All of the guys in the video are my friends, and all of the models are from Barbabos. It was amazing working with new faces, and it was also great having a much larger set. The Maserati, Aston Martin, Ferarri and exotic bikes had a lot of people swarming the set trying to figure out if we were shooting a movie!


Likewise, for the “69 Coupe” video, you fit the song well with the visuals and include (naturally) gorgeous women. How do you decide the settings for each video?

That video was shot by Gator 8. I came up with the ideas, and the director brainstormed on how and where it would all come together. The video was shot in New Jersey, and we used one of my friends 1966 Cadillacs. It’s very important the setting goes with the song, so when fans are watching my videos they feel like they are apart of it. Being in New York makes that easy though because there are so many new settings and dope locations.

You are on Twitter a lot ― always a good thing when you understand how much artists need to promote their work online. What is the funniest thing someone has ever asked you on social media. How about the meanest?

Artists definitely need to be on every social media account, because there are potential fans on each waiting to reached. I tweet at @ladieslovemula… put up instagram pictures from events, shows, and shoots at @iamjaymula… and also upload on youtube at… 456jaymoney.

As far as funniest on social media… I get the “I want to marry you,” ” Can I have your babies?,” ” I love you,” “I wanna do it all to you” kind of comments and tweets.

It’s flattering sometimes but its like, “Wooahhh! Did she really just say that!?”

What is new and exciting for you in 2014 ― for work or your own life ― that you want to leave behind from last year?

Releasing my album titled “11233,” which is my zip code in Brooklyn where I was born and raised. I have some incredible producers from all over the world that have contributed to my work; Young trip (New York), DJ Jemaine (Atlanta), Trakformaz (New York ), B-sure, Hitbraniac (Nebraska), Matt Noble (New Zealand), Smokey (New Zealand), Steranco (London), Ptb Beats (Germany) and Maserati Sparks (New York), and my first hot single is a collaboration with Layzie Bone from the legendary rap group “Bone Thugs n Harmony.”

I’ll be featured in a few tattoo magazines with my bro Mad Mike, one of the best tat artists in NYC. And I may be in a few commercials and short films so stay tuned!

There’s nothing that I want to leave behind or regret in 2013, but I’m motivated to do bigger and greater things and take my career to another level.


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