How Chocolatier Julie Bolejack Doesn’t Use Trans Fats

Julie Bolejack is the creator of Chocolate for the Spirit, an Indiana-based chocolate company using only organic ingredients. That means no trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup!


There’s a lot of back story to your chocolate and why it is considered better. Can you explain?

I had traveled and tasted really good chocolate – when I returned home I just wasn’t finding the same quality. In fact, many local chocolatiers had little, if any chocolate in many of their products – loaded with sugar, artifical colorants, candy coating – yucky stuff, frankly.  I work with ‘extreme premium’ Grand Cru, single-origin chocolate across my entire line.  Few in this country take that approach and we are the only ones locally, and regionally (that we are aware) that do so.  We sacrifice on profit to make introduce superior chocolate to many who have never had great quality chocolate.

For someone who can’t imagine eating it or smelling it because magic website sniffing technology hasn’t been invented yet by Apple or Microsoft, what is the flavor like and how does it differ from the regular chocolate flavor?

Our chocolate contains more actual cacao than most – the chocolate flavor is richer with beautiful notes – like a fine wine.

What are some secret delicious food pairings people should try with your chocolate? Besides the typical desert wine and sweets combo.

Our chocolates pair well with many of the artisinal beers – the herbacous fragrance of the richer beers is delightful when paired with exquisite chocolate.

What chocolates do you recommend for a home movie night?

Our Toffee can’t be beat – seriously, everyone tells us it is the best they ever had.

For someone like a pro jock or a girl watching her weight, what is a small indulge they can have? It doesn’t have to be super low calorie but something like a small bite?

Our Primal Spirit Bar – 74% Organic Chocolate is lower in sugars yet high in antioxidants. It is a great bar – one of the best dark chocolates we’ve ever eaten..then bar has segments that can be broken off and enjoyed. We have customers who buy one a week…take a piece or two each day for a treat.

How does sea salt play up chocolate?

Salt pairs well with sweet – it enhances the flavor. We use many gourmet salts – Pink Himalayan Salt, Fleur de Sel, Black Lava, Red Lava, Smoked Salt and more…each has it’s own distinct qualities and we select just the right one to pair with our chocolate.

What is special about your toffee chocolates?

Mentioned it a bit earlier – Real Butter, Grand Cru – Single Origin Chocolate (nobody else uses that quality chocolate on Toffee), Fancy Nuts we handchop fresh (not cheap, dried out nut pieces or scraps that many use).

If I were to have a birthday blowout party tomorrow, what could I get guests and what could I do for my big chocolate event?

Taste is soooo individual – so for a party it is great to have an assortment of chocolates to tantalize the tastebuds of partygoers. Dark, Milk and White Chocolate..Bonbons/Truffles..Bars..Bark..Toffee – let them taste, explore, and share.

Why do you think Midwesterners do it better for all things food?

Oh, we don’t label folks.  We have customers from coast to coast.  The thing our customers have in common is they have discriminating palates…they are not defined to a specific region of the country. As a chocolatier I like to explore new tastes and work with the best local ingredients as well as exotic ingredients from around the world. My loyal customers are on a journey with me. I do credit my Midwest customers for being frank and honest about what they like.  We never have to guess.

Yummy! Like what you read?

You can buy Julie’s chocolate at!


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