Eli Massillon Doesn’t Need a Stand In Double for His Music

If you watched 30 Rock, you’ve already seen Eli Massillon – sort of! – as Tracy Morgan’s stunt double. Massillon though isn’t the type of guy who stands in the shadows forever. He’s since broken out into his very own hip hop career besides acting and other entertainment roles. A short time later, he’s been called “a rapper on the rise, earned himself some worthy hip hop celeb attention and worked with The Coke Boys.


I love how you were murdered on “Law and Order.” Did you also get to play a corpse, acting stiff and blue?

Thank you. Yeah, I did. They put a lot of makeup on me. I really felt like a dead person. I feel very fortunate to have worked on that show.

Being Tracy Morgan’s “30 Rock” stunt double sounds dangerous. What stunts did you perform, and was it really scary things or was he so wimpy, he couldn’t do something like pick up a newspaper himself?

It was like running and jumping down lots of flights of stairs along side Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. I also did photo doubling with that experience, and I was able to work with Jessie Eisenberg and Melissa Leo. He didn’t like to do rehearsals so, I did scenes like ride around in cars with him. I basically did all of his scenes.

You explained in an interview, “I knew rap was for me when Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan wanted to get on one of my records.” What’s the back story on this?

I knew one of the owners from Swap Management, Mike, and he is Raekwon’s manager. He was able to listen to the record first, and he loved it. When Raekwon heard the record, he loved it TOO. It was my first record I ever made. It was a huge ego boost and let me know that I was capable of making a good record.

…and what is the story of how you ended up working with people at French Montana’s Coke Boys group? Very impressive!

My cousin, Flyra, is a member of The Coke Boys, and he plugged me in with Charlie Rock. I was backstage at a Rick Ross concert, we met and as soon as we got in the studio, we vibed and made the record in about 15 minutes.

Will you ever get back into any type of acting or acting related work?

Of course!  I love acting, that’s my first love and I will continue to pursue commercial, film and television roles. I will be selective in my choices and hope that the right role comes along.

A couple months ago, you helped with a fundraiser, paired up with Tyson Beckford. Can you tell us about it and why it was important?

My friend is the owner of Ricardo’s restaurant, and I grew up in that neighborhood. The fundraiser was around that area as well. We gave out 1,000 turkeys to people in need. It felt good to give back in the community where I grew up. It’s difficult and very hard for people, and it was wonderful to be able to give back to some people who really needed the help.

Where is your music online? Are music videos coming soon?

My music is on BOTH iTunes and YouTube. I have two videos coming out with Jordan Towers with my song “Got Me in My Mood” and “Sing Loud.”


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